Do You Know The Love Story Of Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor?

Food is always at the heart of everyone, who doesn’t love eating? Whenever we think about food, the first name that comes to our mind is Sanjeev Kapoor. Isn’t it? The superstar of Bollywood is Shahrukh Khan. But when we talk about cooking then no one competes with Sanjeev Kapoor.

You all have known him as the master of cooking and as an Indian celebrity chef. Well-known food show ‘Khana Khazana’ was hosted by none other than Sanjeev Kapoor.

How much did you know about his personal life and his love story? Let’s turn the pages of Sanjeev Kapoor’s love life.

Sanjeev met Alyona through his elder sister named Vandana. Coincidentally, at that very time, Alyona was working nearby. Sanjeev and Vandana were co-workers at the ITDC Hotel in Delhi. On her vacation, Alyona she decided to visit Vandana’s house. On Alyona’s trip to Vandana’s home, she happened to meet Sanjeev for the first time on the same train.

Sanjeev started falling for Alyona from the first day of their meeting itself. As the time passed, the two of them developed liking for each other and then began an affair. The negligible age difference between the couple was a plus.

Although they were very much fond of each other Sanjeev never thought of proposing marriage to Alyona. It took him time to muster up the courage. Sanjeev finally proposed and she said yes. The couple dated for four years before they got married.


The cute couple tied the knot in October 1992. The couple shares a very special bond with each other. They are gifted with two adorable daughters. Rachita, the elder daughter and Kriti, the younger one, Sanjeev believes his daughters as his lucky mascots and calls them as ‘Goddesses of Money’.

A successful marriage is a mixture of understanding, trust, patience, faith and heaps of love. The couple has truly justified the statement by reflecting all these things in their marriage.

It’s been over 25 years since they first met.

It’s true that love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone, we find it with one another.

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