Meditation Is A Doorway To Atama & Paramatama, It Is An Experience

The philosophy, knowledge, meditation, psychology and life experiences of India have always remained Darshanik and respectable throughout the world.  Our sages, yogis and tapasvies are great men.  Whatever knowledge, feelings and experiences they acquired after their Sadhana are the reflections of their supreme abode.   Our epics, Granths, Shastras and books are full of spiritual education.  Books like Vedas, Upanishads, Geeta, Ramayana, Puranas etc. are full of high educative knowledge regarding Atama-Parmatama, spirituality, life and death.

By reading, learning and experimenting these holy books’ scriptures, we come to know that in addition to this world which we see with the naked eyes, there is another deep world away from us.   We are not a body but a soul. The entire creation is permeated by Him. Our journey is not of this body but of the soul.  Body is perishable and subject to change but the soul never dies and is stern.  This is the real content knowledge in India, also the two eternal paths of light & darkness.  Former leads to Mukti and the latter leads to rebirth.

The most important thing is that it is not enough that we have bookish knowledge of these subjects but should have experimental and Shabdik knowledge also.   This knowledge could be a matter of discussion but cannot provide us real experiences.  How many ever tries we make, we do remain only on the body lining and do not go up to soul lining.  However thoroughly we may go through books on Atama, Parmatama and educate ourselves by reading the Granthas, we cannot reach the eternity.  It is all only bookish knowledge.

There is one and only one way to reach the level of Atama i.e. through Sadhana, meditation, the path of Bhakti and Jap-Tap.  The worship of God as a person stimulates divine love that rouses self-consciousness and experience of unity in due course of time.  The Lord is easily attracted by the magnet of devotion. It opens the way from Sathul Sareer to Suksham Sareer.  The grace of God is bestowed when one becomes firmly convinced that he or she is not the doer.  Then he at once attains Jivana-mukti or freedom in this very life. To bring bookish knowledge in Anubhuti is only attained through meditation.

Suppose you have read many books on the preparation of food, ingredients, minerals, their digestion, their taste but if you neither prepare nor taste or eat them, then what is the use of reading those books?  All this will not pacify your inner desire and also will not be able to get taste and enjoyment.  Only the reading of books is not sufficient but useful are the tips and the words printed in them provided you experience them.  You may have read about the preparation and ingredients required for sweets but you cannot feel the taste unless you eat them.  Then only it becomes your experience.  The same theory applies to each and every subject.

Spiritual progress is possible only when your deep knowledge of the holy books, granths make way through meditation to your inner soul.  If on gaining the bookish knowledge, you feel and show to others that you have become gyani, it’s a big mistake.  In that way, you will not get spiritual progress but get declined.  The knowledge contained in our religious books is for our progress and not for our decline.

To bring that knowledge into action, it is necessary that we walk into the meditative stage.  While travelling inside your body through meditation, we enter into the world of Anubhuties.  As slowly our heart becomes pious, we go on slipping into meditation.  All Suksham doors before us just go on opening.  We are filled with a surprise that the world of Atama and Parmatama is so wonderful, beautiful and tasteful.

But you can only enter into the said meditative stage by the good grace of Satguru, by his blessings and by his Anukampa. The field of meditation is such where the blessings of Satguru work and not the efforts of Sadhak.  The Sadhak should only gear in; put in all efforts to surrender before the Sadguru by placing a full hundred per cent faith and respect.

As soon as one becomes a capable disciple, Sadhak and humble servant, the door of Satguru opens up and Kirpa is showered.   He/she enters into the Divya world of meditation and goes on progressing step by step.  Then the knowledge of Granths, Atama Pramatma, Suksham world, Chakra Anusandhan etc. don’t only remain as words and becomes one’s experiences.  A new chapter of life starts.  May God bless you to become good Sadhak and a good person. May all of you enter into Adhayatam, Dhayan and your life become righteous.

Archna Didi
Archna Didi

Archna Didi is a spiritual guru who has impacted the lives of innumerable people through her spiritual knowledge. She took diksha at an early age of 17 and has been guiding people on the path to meditation since then, selflessly.

  1. very informative…Best thing mention is getting above know lengen of booksome and experience ….Meditation…… i also attended Archna Didi’sing meditation session in Delhi…I also experience what meditation is…my internasional thoughts n experience was quite similar as mentioned…

  2. This well articulated article deepens my faith in Archana didi,s meditation shivirs
    Sahej , Saral pious heart can receive numerous anubhutis
    Naman guruvar

  3. Great article Archna didi aapne jo gyan aur anubhuti di hai vo shabdon main nahi byan ho sakti thanku so much for giving us so inspired article
    I will do meditation in your guidance apni kripa banaye rakhna
    Hari om

  4. My pranam to revered Dhyan Guru Archana didi…..her meditation techniques are out of the world which becomes even more divine in her pious presence….. thanks Guru maa for guiding us through these excellent articles too.

  5. Namaste Didi. I am retired from service.. 60 years age . Abibi meditation Nahi Kar paa rahaa hoon. Aap itni choti Umar mey itna sadana karliyaa.. guide me Didi

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