Menstrual Health : What To Wear During Your Cycle, Woman?

Every woman is troubled by the choices of menstrual wear. What to choose – pads, tampons or menstrual cups?

Heer Khant

Periods are a monthly nightmare every woman faces. There is no escape from the pain of menstruation and the subsequent blood-loss. At least not until ‘Menopause‘. Often, there is no way to combat it beyond gritting your teeth and bearing the pain. Sometimes, painkillers, chocolate and similar distractions are used for some solace. Since they are such an important part of a woman’s life, they raise many questions. One of them is:

What To Wear During Periods: Pads, Tampons Or A Menstrual Cup?

Well, here we look into the pros and cons of all three and try to provide you with an answer.




Easily available

Various options to choose from






Synthetic (Cotton options are available but few)

Physically visible when wearing thin clothes

Cannot be worn during swimming

Possibility of leakage and stains

Go for pads that are thin and with wings with a cottony soft cover. Apart from the two major brands – Whisper and Stayfree a lot of other brands that are cheaper and better have come up that can be explored. To prevent rashes, look for pads that are made of cotton or have a layer of cotton on top.



Can be worn during swimming

Zero possibility of leakage and stains





Not easily available (Availability is better in online markets)

Some women wouldn’t be comfortable with the idea of inserting it inside the vagina

Not recommended for teenagers or first-time users as it takes time to get it right

Most women would need an applicator for insertion

Stretches the vagina

Comparatively less hygienic

Inconvenient for night-time wear for most women


Choose the size of the tampons depending upon your flow – heavy or regular. Using the right one makes a huge difference. Indeed, there was a time in the 1930s when a link was found between toxic shock syndrome and tampons, however now this has been proven to be wrong. It is also believed that tampons may increase the risk of urinary tract infections but there is no concrete proof for the same.



Less expense (the same cup can be used for years if you are buying the reusable one)




It can be worn for twelve hours

Doesn’t contain bleaches, chemicals or allergens

Can be worn during intercourse



Unhygienic if not washed properly

Not easily available

Not popular

Some women might feel uncomfortable inserting it inside their vagina

Difficulty in insertion and removal


The cup is available in two alternatives – disposable and reusable. They collect menstrual fluid rather than absorbing it.

Whatever be your choice out these three make sure you do not flush them after use and dispose them only in the dustbins. Also, make sure to wash your hands before and after wearing them.

Remember, Periods are you superpower, and not your weakness! Own it!

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Heer Khant
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