How Much Do You Know About SRK’s Restaurant In Mumbai?

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Shahrukh Khan and wife Gauri Khan have recently opened their restaurant, ‘Arth’, in Khar’s Pinnacle House, P D Hinduja Junction, 15thRoad in Mumbai.

Gauri Khan’s eye catching decor in this outlet is one thing which should not be missed, the interiors are from one of the best brands. The food of Arth is handled and prepared by the Best Lady Chef Tourism award-winner Amninder Sandhu and inside the kitchen the food is not cooked in gas but only in charcoal!

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At Arth there is a Rex Diamond installation which adds to the already glamorous interiors topped by dazzling mirrors, gold tones and the crystal chandeliers.

Inside the bar there is a kaleidoscopic lighting. And the people sitting in the dining area will experience a different ambience than anywhere else as there are pendulum lights & chandeliers.

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Gauri Khan is called as the ‘Queen of Decor’ in the industry, D-Decor products are extremely satisfying.

Surprisingly, inside the kitchen there is usage of sigri, charcoal and wood for cooking. Also, the food is presented in the best way here. Ingredients are specially bought from Shillong, Alleppey, Rishikesh and Majuli to bring out the authentic taste.

Food is very nice, with a different essence altogether. Starters like Veg. Seekh Kabab, Stoneground Chicken plumped with Malai, the buttery flavour of the Dal Makhani is unforgettable. For desserts, their Golden Jalebi, Falooda & Rabdi are must-try.

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The best part about the restaurant is that for many people who love to eat many things in one plate there is an option for a thali. The thali includes a welcome drink, appetizers, mains, breads, accompaniments, rice, desserts and an aftermint pan dipped in thandai. Isn’t your mouth watering already?

We cannot say that the restaurant is cheap but it is not as expensive as one might think. Give it a try!

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