Mumbai Couple Seek Permission To Die From The President As There Is No One To Look After Them

An elderly couple from Mumbai city has requested permission from the government for ‘active euthanasia’. The term ‘active euthanasia’ in a literal sense means assisted suicide. The couple is seeking permission for the right to die with utmost respect.

There is a fear among this couple that they will absolutely helpless if they get ill since they do not have anyone to look after them. They are instilled with a sense of belief that keeping them alive with force is also a crime. They are also scared to live without each other.

Iravati Lavate, 78 years old retired school principal and her husband Narayan Lavate, 87 years old retired state transport officer since 1989, wrote to the President of India Ram Nath Kovind last December for seeking ‘mercy death’. The husband was the first one among the duo to pitch the idea of assisted suicide. The couple has been thinking about it since the last 25 years – there is a grave incident behind this idea – the incident of Mumbai’s nurse Aruna Shanbaug who was diminished to a state of disorder of consciousness in which there is a severe brain damage (persistent vegetative state) after her brutal rape.

The couple has a fear to live alone if one of them dies and fear their routine life – there is nothing to talk about themselves. They won’t be able to make a contribution to the society if there is a strike of terminal illness – these are some reasons why they are asking to die with their own will.

As of now there is no law in the country which allows anyone to do assisted suicide, but if you have a terminal illness then there is a draft bill which deals with the withdrawal of life support to the patients (passive euthanasia).

If the couple’s plea is approved then they will hand over all their possessions or a little bit of money which they’ve been able to save over to the government of India.

What is your opinion about euthanasia or mercy killing?

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Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

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