In Mumbai ? Don’t Miss Indulging In These Chatpate Street Foods

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Someone once said that, “ Sex is good but not as good as food.”

Mumbai the city of dreams is filled with so many options for street food, in the heart of the city you cannot eat at every delicious street food vendor it is that big.

Street food in Bombay is exceptional, being one of those things which people do not stop doing in the city. If you’ve had an argument, fought with someone, stuck in traffic be it anything the aroma and taste of the delicacies on the city streets gives a sooth feeling.

The street chat, chai, junk food and now there are also vendors of hygienic soups, salads etc.

As in the end all’s well that end’s well.

Here is a list of the top 5 things on the Mumbai streets which should not be missed to eat:

1) Garam Samosa with a little spicy Chole’s at Guru Kripa, Sion:

This outlet is located at 40, Guru Kripa Building, Road 24, Near SIES college, Sion, Mumbai.

This is the perfect food to start with as the hot samosa is served with delicious chole and onions and lemons on the side. A few drops of lemon will make this dish yummier!

Guru Kripa has the best samosas in the city and mind you nearly 95% theatres serve samosas from here.

2) Black spicy Pav Bhaji at Maruti in Vile Parle (W):

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If you have not tried this then leaving everything and coming here to eat this must be the next thing on your schedule! It is that good.

Maruti Pav Bhaji in Christian lane at the SV Road junction in Vile Parle (West), is the only one who makes Black Pav Bhaji. Don’t be scared it is due to the masala included in the buttery bhaji which makes it black, tastier and spicy.

Do eat the Pav Bhaji with their special Babu Masala Pav.

3) Elco Pani Puri Centre in Bandra (West):


Mumbai and chat are synonymous. If you have not eaten chat here then you have not done anything yet in the city! Elco Pani Puri Centre is the oldest in the city that serves one of the most delicious Pani Puri in Mumbai.

Located at 2/A Elco Market, 46 hill road, Bandra West, it promises a sweet, sour and spicy ride of Pani Puri for its customers. It is a challenge for the people that many of them cannot finish the whole plate, so go on a empty stomach.

One fact only a few people know is that Elco serves the costliest Pani Puri in the city as it only uses mineral water in the delicacy.

Bonus :

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Anand Vada Pav stall opposite Mithibai college, Vile Parle (W) & City Vada Pav stall near Flora Fountain, Churchgate serve the most sumptuous vada pavs. While the former has different flavours, the latter sticks to the traditional taste. Must try!

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