Mumbai Man Nominates The City For Most Potholes In The Guinness Book!


Imagine you are all dressed up for an occasion and you are walking on the road in search of transport. Just then, a car passed through a pothole and all that muddy puddle water is ‘sprayed’ on you! Or even worse, you step into a pothole and walk with those wet, dirty legs till you reach your destination!

Things in Mumbai get even more bizarre in the monsoon! But this time it looks like it is for good. A man from Mumbai has nominated the city in the Guinness and Limca Book of World Records for having the most potholes! Damn!

According to The Times Of India, 11,386 people died due to potholes from 2013-2017. Out of which 1410 were from Maharashtra!

Navin Lade who is the General Secretary of the Republican Party of India’s employment wing learnt that Mumbai had over 20,000 potholes.


Time and again, Mumbaikars have approached the authorities asking to improve the condition of the roads that become even more dangerous with water-logging in the monsoons. Fed up, Lade thought of this unique idea.

There has never been an entry like this in the Guinness Book. He submitted an application that cost him ₹350. In eight weeks, he will most likely get a reply. If he needs to speed up that process to four, it would cost $1000 dollars.

Lade has asked Mumbaikars to forward pictures and videos of various potholes in the city to him on his cell number 9664017777 or email them to him at [email protected] These photographs are proof to show to the Guinness’ officers who come to verify the situation. He is ready to bear the cost of the entire process.


Hundreds of people die every year due to potholes in Maharashtra alone. Repeatedly, a lot of attention has been called to these potholes that keep increasing in number with the rainy season but in vain. Every monsoon, Mumbai faces the same story.

Two days ago, the Supreme Court stated, “It is frightening. It is about life or death,” in reference to the pothole situation.

Will Lade’s act help shame the authorities and make them act? What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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