The Psychiatrist Who Lured Youngsters Into Sex Arrested

Mumbai Horror: The story of two sisters going to the police against their parents and the brainwashing of a psychiatrist going by the name of Dr. Sunil Kulkarni.

Two sisters from Malad, Shivangi and Samira Sule walked from Bombay High Court to Marine Drive with a placard saying, “Hon. Bombay High Court, we are victims and we need justice.” They protested after the Bombay High Court fired on Malad police station for not taking any action against them on the base of their parents complaint.

Shivangi Sule along with her sister Samira left their parents home in Malad to live an independent life. They accused their parents of beating them and confining them against their will. Shivangi Sule said, “ Neither we are prostitutes, nor we are drug addicts.”

The girls gave an application to the Malad police station against their parents because they allegedly locked the girls inside a room and tortured them, however the police did not file a complaint. They were ‘rescued’ by their friends and Dr. Sunil Kulkarni who is a ‘psychiatrist’ with the help of police.

Mumbai police on Wednesday told the High Court that it would draft an FIR against Dr Sunil Kulkarni, the founder of Shifu Sanskriti who is involved in running a drug and sex racket. The court has ordered to take this case very seriously. The parents of Sule sisters had filed a petition against the doctor who trapped that their daughters in a human trafficking racket.

Samira the younger sister said, “ We just want to live an independent life. Our parents are spreading false allegations against us and are alleging that we are involved in a sex racket and are drug addicts. They are misleading the Bombay High Court about Shifu Sanskriti, which is nothing but a way to relax our body and mind from negativity.”

Shivangi the elder sister said, “ We have been followed by goons and are being harassed by our parents through police officers who call us to the police station at odd hours. We request the Bombay High Court to give us justice because we are the victims. Please save us from our parents. We have done nothing wrong.”

The quote posted by the ‘psychiatrist’ Sunil Kulkarni

Dr Kulkarni said, “ The allegations against me are completely baseless and I am being targeted just because I managed to rescue these kids with the help of the police. Now the parents of the girls are alleging that I hypnotized the girls and abused them sexually, which is false.”

Senior Inspector of Malad Police station said, “ We are yet to receive the court order or any direction in the case. The issue was handled legally and we did not find the girls to be on the wrong side of the law.”

However, it has been found now who is on which side.

The Malad Police arrested Sunil Kulkarni, founder of ‘cult’ Shifu Sanskriti on Wednesday night, after they had registered a complaint against founder him. Kulkarni who is 54 years old was arrested on the charges of human trafficking, causing poisonous hurt, cheating and for violations of the information technology act.

On raiding his rented apartment in Khar many books on sex, anti depressant tablets and a pen drive containing video clips of sexual activity were confiscated. Kulkarni has been remanded in custody till April 28 in crime branch by City Court.

Two new victims have been added and both are young men. The police have speculated that Kulkarni controlled his victims by giving them anti-depressants and then forced sexual intercourse, video-taping the sexual activity.

Sanjay Saxena Joint Commissioner of Police (crime) said, “ We have arrested and have seized his phone. More people are likely to be involved and we are in the process of identifying those who assisted Kulkarni.”

As per the searches and results of the investigation it is concluded that Kulkarni had 10 partners, who reached out to unhappy and depressed youngsters aged between 18-25 and brought them to Kulkarni.

A crime branch officer said, “He would start brainwashing them. Claiming to be a psychiatrist, he would prescribe medicines to make them feel good. The medicine, anti depressant (Tryptom-ER-10gm), made it easier for Kulkarni to control them.”

Kulkarni also has his page on social networking site, he would promote his page Shifu Sanskriti to his victims.

Kulkarni in the court said it is a ploy against him, “ I want the court to hear the version of the two girls, whose parents moved the court. These girls were beaten up by their parents and locked in a room for days.”

The lawyer of victim said it is absolutely false.

Varsha Bhogle Advocate said, “ The boys and girls were found semi naked and smoking. When we checked their symptoms, we were told it could be Ecstasy.”

The ‘cult’ carried out workshops every now and then and called for applications to workshops, none of which have a public point of contact for further information. Sunil Kulkarni’s Twitter profile is full of other quotes that are problematic in nature.

Kulkarni has been arrested for fraud in the past and has served a jail time in Tihar jail as he took money on the pretext of getting an admission for some students but then didn’t. He was also accused of confining his family for weeks in a room in the past.

Photo courtesy: The Quint

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