‘O’ For Orgasm : Don’t Widen Your Eyes, The Article Has Just Begun

This article is for those who have educated themselves enough to understand that sex is not a taboo. For others this might be jaw-dropping and a chance to understand female sexuality.

Heer Khant

Caution: The reality will hit you in the face with this article. Stop brushing it under the rug?

She looked up at the stars, lying on the soft couch as her husband touched her passionately. As he moved his fingers around her clitoris, she fell into trance. Blood rushed to her face and her heart began beating faster. This was the most beautiful feeling on Earth – it was almost divine. ‘Now, for climax, soon,’ she thought, close to orgasm. One, two, three…and she woke up.

It was a dream. She sighed as her husband snored beside her. The orgasm was just a dream – she longed for it become a reality, just like millions of other women across the globe who have never experienced an orgasm. The question of satisfying her own passion never arose as it had always been a world of men – in the bed and outside. While everyone echoed wide and loud about the crimes committed on women and the injustice done to them, even the loudest of them forgot about sex and her part in it.

But we want the times to change. You, deserve to feel what they have always felt. You don’t deserve to stay awake till the wee hours of the morning, dissatisfied and frustrated wondering what makes you feel so. Here is how you too can reach an orgasm! Explore yourself and make sex a two-way affair. Learn today, it is better late than never.


This question comes up to the minds of many women. Why should I have an orgasm? What difference will it make? To answer that, let’s first understand what happens in a woman’s body during an orgasm.

The clitoris is the most sensitive part of a woman’s body and has more than 8000 nerves! Stimulating it with fingers causes an uproar. The body tightens, the heart begins racing at the speed of light, the cheeks are flushed, the breasts and the clitoris enlarge, the nipples become erect and the vagina would produce a natural fluid that would act as a lubricant during intercourse. Further stimulation of the clitoris would help the release of ‘happiness hormone’ serotonin in your brain that would send you in a trance often making you moan with pleasure.

Right before you climax, your clitoris will contract and you would feel a beating sensation down there. Mild orgasms will give you a beating sensation for a shorter period of time while intense ones will make it last longer.

Now, imagine all of this happening to your body. Who wouldn’t want to reach an orgasm? It is known to have many benefits on the overall human health. Experience it yourself, do it for your well-being, to unleash stress, to be in a world that you have never have been in before. It is also said that frequent orgasmic activity leads to higher levels of antibody immunoglobulin A. While it is not necessary that an orgasm is always great but keep going for a mind-blowing experience.


That is the biggest question. Science says there are three most sensitive spots in woman’s body which help her reach an orgasm. One, the vagina. Two, the clitoris. Three, the legendary G-spot. It happens in three stages: Arousal – Stimulation – Climax. Your state-of-mind is the most important factor that determines if and how you reach an orgasm.

Stop Thinking About How You Look:

Every woman is capable of having deep orgasms while having intercourse. Tell your man to go slow and deep, rather than fast and shallow. Yes, you can tell them, we do not live in a patriarchal society any more. But, the most important thing that you must remember during sex is that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. No he is not looking at how messed up your hair is, or smudged is your make-up. Your naked skin and the warmth of it has already mesmerized him. Don’t fret.

Help Yourself:

While in a missionary or a cowgirl position – you can stimulate your clitoris as he enters you or as you hob on him. You could do the same while trying other positions as well.
No that is not being selfish, that is taking care of yourself. Alternatively, ask him to rub your clitoris. This would not only give you a vaginal orgasm due to penetration but also give you a clitoral orgasm that is much more powerful.


Your imagination is your most powerful weapon. Fantasize as you masturbate or create    situations while having sex. Imagine that you are in a different place, in a more comfortable bed, that the cool sea breeze is touching your face or anything that makes you feel more comfortable and sexy! It is your world!


For a woman, this is very important. Put on music, a beautiful dress, light up some incense and be relaxed. With comfort and relaxation comes satisfaction. If you are stressed and your mind is wandering to everything else other than the act, achieving an orgasm becomes difficult.

There are various methods to achieve an orgasm – the internet is the best teacher. Learn a bit more about yourself.

Sex Is Not A Taboo:

Sex is not a taboo, it is a necessity. It makes you happier, fitter and relaxed. The subject of female orgasm has remained untouched in different societies. Women themselves have begun believing that sex is only about pleasuring a man but that is not true. Sex is not merely an act of reproduction, it is a portal to a different world; it is an art.  If sex was supposed to be a taboo, you wouldn’t have all these mystical organs that have secrets hidden within themselves.
This is a shout out to all women out there!

Open up! Three cheers for awareness!

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

Traveller | Writer | Photographer | Maverick | Social Worker | Lawyer | A freedom-loving woman for whom words are like wings to her soul. She believes in aliens, hates boundaries and lives like the first human on Earth.

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