Ogimi : The Japanese Village Where People Live For Over 100 Years

Ogimi village on Okinawa island in Japan is where there is a maximum elderly population. People easily live upto the age of 100 and happily! It has estimated population of 3,000.

We have heard stories about immortal beings and secrets to live longer but this village makes it all come true. The ones who age, don’t age mentally. They still feel like a child at the age of 80. So what is the secret to their long lives?

First – Ogimi’s climate is warm which allows people to spend a lot of time outdoors, indulging in as much physical activity as they can. You would rarely find one sulking indoors, living a sedentary lifestyle.

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Second, they eat healthy. Their diet is full of meats, seaweed, green and yellow veggies (upto three times higher than the rest of the world), legumes (mainly soyabeans – that is 1.5 times higher) and a lot of fruits. Their salt intake is also only 9gms per person, per day.

Thirdly, they socialize, interact and live as a community that does away with the feelings of being lonely and leads to higher emotional adaptability.

There is a fruit named ‘Shikuwasa’ that is known as their jewel of longevity. It is the original species of mandarin orange. It is rich in vitamins and citric acid.

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Also, the village is surrounded by nature. 76% of the total area surrounding it is a forest. There is a folk tale that a fairy named ‘Bunagaya’ lives in these forests. The people of Ogimi believe that these fairies are the spirits of nature and look forward to befriending them!

Photo: okinawahai.com

As per a study conducted in neurosciences, ‘It was revealed that those in the good sleep health group took short naps, a significantly fewer number fell into dozes, and a significantly greater number exercised regularly or walked. A significantly greater number of this group maintained regular eating habits over a 10-year span, and consumed more seaweed and fish. Participation in senior citizens’ clubs was higher, reflecting high emotional adaptability. The study’s results indicates a relationship between lifestyle and sleep health among the elderly, and suggest that deterioration of sleep health is related to physical and mental health.’

This village is also a centre of Ryukyuan pottery.

Wanting to visit Ogimi? You can have a homestay experience there.

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