5 Celebs Whose Fame Was Short-Lived Due To Controversies & Scandals

Actress Mamta Kulkarni. Express archive photo

If this incident wouldn’t have taken place, lives of these actors would have been different.
Bollywood artists come and go and this is the way of their life when they’re in the industry. But coming, being stable and then going is different and due to one incident getting their career destroyed is altogether a different thing.

These actors have been completely missing from the industry after an incident changed the course of their careers:

Mamta Kulkarni:

Photo: indianexpress.com

In her time she had been the reigning queen of the Bollywood industry but do you know why she was dropped from so many projects in the 90’s?

Actress Mamta Kulkarni had strong connections with the underworld, and the ‘Karan Arjun’ movie actress married the drug kingpin ‘Vicky Goswami’. From here, her career has been completely finished.

Vivek Oberoi:

Photo: wikifamous.com

Vivek Oberoi had done a massive debut and got a bumper kick start in his career when he was a newcomer. According to the rumours, the ‘Company’ actor dated actress ‘Aishwarya Rai’ who had broken up with actor ‘Salman Khan’. Both the actors got in a rift and Oberoi called a press conference where he alleged that drunk Khan had called him 40 times and threatened to kill him.

Many people alleged that this was a publicity stunt and it ruined Oberoi’s career.

Aman Verma:

Photo: starsunfolded.com

Verma reached the heights of his career as a television actor but then he was caught in a sting operation which was conducted by a news channel, where the actor was asking for sexual favours. Since that time he lost his credibility and respect. He appeared only for a very few times in the industry later.

Shakti Kapoor:

Photo: nepalipatra.com

Kapoor – one of the best villains the Bollywood industry had got since the 80’s. The actor is known for all his villainous roles in the movies. Apparently, he was also caught alongside actor Aman Verma in the same sting operation ever since then he has been diluted in the industry.

Monica Bedi:

Photo: freepressjournal.in

Everyone knows her and with whom she was involved. It was none other than the underworld don Abu Salem and the duo were caught in Portugal. Abu Salem was one of the most wanted criminals in India at that time. From then she has just appeared in Big Boss and a few TV serials.

One mistake can ruin your career – sometimes even your life.

Preview Photo: indianexpress.com

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