Paragliding Is Not Just The Thing Of The North, South India Has This Amazing Place For It

While India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi went paragliding on the slopes of Solang valley in the past, and while we keep hearing about how Himachal Pradesh is the best place to indulge in this adventure sport – here is a fresh, unexplored and fast-emerging paragliding destination in India that is not in the North.


Vagamon, the paragliding capital of the South, is located at the border of Idukki and Kottayam districts in Kerala is the best place to go paragliding in the South. It even has its own paragliding festival every year around the months of February-March. The first event took place in 2006 and they have never stopped after that.


After the famous boat race of Kerala, paragliding is the next reason that attracts tourists to ‘God’s Own Country’.

The paragliding season in Vagamon starts from September to January and then again from March to May. Soar at over 16,000 feet above sea level and see how all your problems actually become as tiny as ants from up there!

Tandem joyrides as well paragliding training happens at Vagamon. The paragliding costs somewhere around ₹3,500.

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Why do we think you should simply get set and go? Paragliding is a lot more than just an adventure sport. It helps you push your limits farther than you can imagine. It is an experience of a lifetime that will help you face your fears and conquer them.

There are some who might paraglide simply because they want some nice photos for their social media, some would paraglide to feel the freedom and that adrenaline rush in your body that is a proof of being alive.

Be a free bird and fly!

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