Pets Can Help You Cope With ‘Chemical Locha’ In Your Mind!

Humans and pets have a different equation altogether – while that fluffy ball of love wags its tail at you when you get back home after a tiring day, your brain experiences a lot of emotions.

Pets are exceptionally adorable in many ways and we don’t need to list that out for you. Without saying anything, they become the backbone of a person. They will always be there for you through thick and thin, selflessly.

When a person is affected by a mental illness, the person expects serious understanding from his/her close ones. When one doesn’t get that, one might feel that they are falling prey to serious medication and difficult side-effects.

As per the research conducted by the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom, pets are the best solution – the best way to deal with mental illnesses. Your dog, for example, is really your best friend.

A dog can cooperate socially, dogs do not always act out of self-interest. Pets can make their owner healthier and there are is an immense list of positive benefits for physical and emotional health if you have a pet, as per the research. Pet owners reduce their chance of visiting a doctor from 15-20%.

People suffering from mental illnesses are provided with a sense of purpose and much-needed routine if they have a pet. Pets are a emotional support for their owners. When you care for your pet – bathing it, feeding it, training it – it feels like you are doing the same thing to yourself, just mentally. Taking care of them feels like you are taking care of yourself.

The love that our pets shower on us instantly lifts up our day! Only by spending time with them for 10 minutes, they change how you feel.

These are the quotes from the participants of the study themselves who have a pet, and pets have made a difference in their lives:

“There’s like a chasm, deep chasm between us … [Other people are] on one side of it, and we’re on the other side of it. We’re sending smoke signals to each other to try and understand each other but we don’t always — we don’t always understand.”

“Well I just love animals, I just really do love animals. I haven’t got a partner so I have something around me otherwise I’d go totally bonkers. That’s the most important thing to me is my animals.”

“[Pets] don’t look at the scars on your arms. They don’t question where you’ve been.”

“When he comes up and sits beside you on a night, it’s different, you know. It’s just, like, he needs me as much as I need him.”

“You know, so in terms of mental health, when you just want to sink into a pit and just sort of retreat from the entire world, they force me, the cats force me to sort of still be involved with the world.”

The new research conducted shows that pets help people suffering from mental illness a lot as much as close family members.

People suffering from bipolar disorders or Schizophrenia are highly benefitted if they have pets. Pets are able to be there for their owners and side by them, providing affection without needing to understand them. They always have your back!

Another reason to say thank you to our beloved pets, isn’t it?

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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