Planning A Goa Trip? Here’s A Not So Common Must-Do List!


Goa is a state in India which generates the highest number of tourists from the country and around the world.

Goa is a scenic state and there is some kind of a free vibe in its air. It is a union territory and the nearest metro city is Mumbai. Goa’s capital ‘Panjim’ is in the middle of the state – dividing North and South Goa. There are the beaches, resorts, casinos, forts and many more things.

We don’t need to sell Goa to anyone, do we?

There are some things which should be done at least once when you are in Goa:



The floating casino in the heart of the state, is a must visit. What is more fascinating about the casino is that it’s on a ship and it sails on the international waters. The Delton Royale Casino is one of the best casinos we have in India. The atmosphere is just so perfect in the casino that you would not want to get out of there, such is the gaming experience there.

Divar Island:


This is a secluded island in the state, secluded in its culture, but there are people living in the island. To visit the island, you will have to go to Old Goa, from there take a ferry, which will take 25 to 30 mins. Then comes the island which is typical Portuguese in nature, due to the villas and the bars there. The island has some beautiful views and it is a must
visit to escape from the maddening crowds.

The Carnival:


The carnival happens in the state of Goa once a year. If you are fond of the Goan culture then this is the perfect thing for you. The carnival goes on for 4 days. It is a happy festival, people are dressed up in colourful clothes, there is delicious Goan food and drinks. This four-day carnival is something which you’ll never experience in any of the city, in India, except in Goa.

The Poi:


This is the Goan dish which has to be tried once in the state. and no it is not seafood. The Poi is a circular bread, which is very much traditional in taste. It is made up of wheat, and in the state, people eat with some stuffing inside the bread, it is a choice what to stuff. The poi will be available everywhere in the state, but the ‘Mapusa’ market has the best bakeries, from where Poi should be tried once.

This guide is not your not so usual guide to Goa. Try all these things out on your next visit for a unique experience. Happy journey!

Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

A traveller and journalist who views the world wearing multi-coloured goggles. He believes that life is to live not to survive.

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