Planning Your Wedding Month? Zodiac Signs Play A Huge Role There (Part 2)

These 6 months from July to December will resemble how the marriage will be or can be. All the months are the best for getting married but each of the month is totally independent in its own way which comprises of different traits.

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7) July:

July month is ruled by the zodiac sign of Leo. Couples getting married in this month exhibit power and passion but at the same time maybe prone to ego issues. They take efforts with all the energy and confidence they have within themselves to make the marriage work. Leo couples have a satisfying married relationship.

8) August:

Marriage solemnized during this month is influenced by the sign of Virgo. Getting married in this month will teach the couple the right definition of unity, where the couple will deal all the ups and downs along with each other overcoming them. A very strong relationship can be built between the couple when they pay attention to what their partners desire for.

9) September:

This month is ruled by Libra sign. Libra is a sign filled with happiness and the couple knows the secret code towards the happy married life. Librans are often less confident which can shake them overall, but their other half can take care of the rest of things and maintain a balance quickly. This is the zodiac sign which experience least fights and bouts. This relationship will be where both partners understand the importance of compromise.

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10) October:

Couples getting married in this month experience the Scorpio zodiac sign. Scorpions are very selfish and rigid but are also known to be headstrong and honest. Ups and downs are bound to happen but their unadulterated love and affection for each other will make them stick together. Sexual compatibility is also known to be good.

11) November:

Sagittarius is the rule sign of the couple who get married in November. Making each other comfortable plays a huge part in this month, the couple sail through a very smooth married life. Couple surpasses all the problems by getting through it along.

12) December:

December month is ruled by the Capricorn sign. Couples always have a good married life here, but they often focus on their future and leave other things behind. Capricorns live the code of give and take and are known to be practical. Capricorn is also the most adaptable sign out of all they are very understanding, and will sacrifice anything to adjust with their loved ones on the other hand.

Although we have always known that the period for a zodiac sign starts from 21st of a month and ends with the same date. However, one sign overpowers the other in a single month when it comes to weddings.

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