Planning Your Wedding Month? Zodiac Signs Play A Huge Role There

Marriage is a part of life and in India marriage is highly considered to be very sacred and ritualistic. Indian marriage is not just a bond or a knot between the two partners but also between families.

Divorce, ups and downs, rest all other constrains in a married life is a social taboo in the country. Getting married to your loved one is also a sin in some parts of the country, though the country is growing drastically but the members of the both sides believe in many superstitions called ‘Mahurat’ – that is the correct atmosphere the right date and time for the marriage. Many months for example November, December and January are considered to be the most appropriate months for marriage.

According to the scared texts mentioned in the Indian Astrology ‘the time in which the marriage is happening’ has a deep influence on the couple’s life.

1) January:

This month is ruled by Aquarius sign which is filled with non-stop energy and excitement. The couple have a large scope for growth. Aquarius sign indicates that the marriage will enter a new phase of positive energy, and also to be cautious with grace and patience is essential.

2) February:

In this month the guiding force is the water sign Pisces, here the journey for marriage is a very emotional one. Pisces month brings many responsibilities for the couple, the real power of love will be experienced in February. This is although a very strong sign for marriage as the couple will do everything to keep their bond intact without hindrances.

3) March:

For getting married in this month the sign that will be influencing will be Aries, which is a sun sign. Aries is a very surprising sign and both the male and the female will have each other’s backs. In marriage keeping a strong balance between highs and lows is important. Confidence and dominance are the characteristics of this sign, so the couple will have to keep a balance here.

4) April:

April month is ruled by the bull Taurus, being a strong sign the couple getting married in this month will have to take care a lot as both of them will be stubborn when it comes to their relationships. Dealing with problems is a practice for couple who have got married in this month, but their love will never go away and their sex life will be on the peak.

5) May:

Couples getting married in this month are bound to have a two faced relationship as the sign ruling is Gemini. There is a proper balance for the couple in this month as their marriage may also work out or may be a failure – anything can happen. The couple will be opposite of each other in this sign, for example one can be extremely compassionate and another can be extremely short tempered.

6) June:

This sign is the most emotional and sensitive sign of the zodiac calendar, Cancer. Couples getting married in this month are very emotional, overly sensitive, extremely caring and nurturing. Building up the future in the main aim of the sign.

Here we end the part 1 of this article,  keep watching this space for Part 2.

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