Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner Passes Away At 91 : 7 Interesting Things About His Life

Hugh Hefner, the founder of world famous playboy magazine passed away at 91 on September 27  due to natural causes. His life has been the subject of awe and criticism for people across the globe.

Heer Khant

“I’m never going to grow up,” Hefner said in a CNN interview when he was 82. “Staying young is what it is all about for me. Holding on to the boy and long ago I decided that age really didn’t matter and as long as the ladies … feel the same way, that’s fine with me.”

Hefner started the famous Playboy magazine in the year 1953, with its first issue hitting the markets in December of the same year. Hefner had said that he never intended the magazine to be a sex magazine. It was supposed to be a lifestyle magazine with sex as an important ingredient of it.

As of 2016, the circulation of the magazine was 673,473.

Here are 7 facts about Hugh Hefner that are not so known (read till the end of the article for a bonus fact):

1. Hugh Hefner’s upbringing was strict, Methodist and conservative. He had said that growing up in such a household made his affections unexpressed – he had credited his upbringing as one of the reasons behind Playboy.

2. When Hefner brought out Playboy’s first issue in December 1953, it featured the nude photos of the famous actress Marilyn Monroe. He was heavily criticised by various wings of the society but the magazine was a hit. In the same year, he faced various obscenity charges for publishing and circulating nude photos of different celebrities.

3. Hefner holds the Guinness Record for being the longest serving editor-in-chief! He was surely dedicated to his magazine.

4. While the list of his girlfriends in endless, Hefner was married thrice and has four children. He ‘settled down’ at the age of 86, when he took Crystal Harris, a woman who was 60 years younger to him, as his wife. He has publicly said that his first wife had cheated on him when he was in the army and this had ‘devastated’ him. It is also said that he gave an allowance of $1,000 weekly to all his girlfriends.

5. There was a lot of controversy in 2010 about the iconic and extremely famous ‘Hollywood’ sign at Beverly Hills being demolished. Hefner donated $900,000 to prevent this from happening.

6. Hefner had bought the famous Playboy mansion for a whopping $100 million in August 2016. This is one of the very few private houses to have a zoo license!

7. What most people don’t know is that, Hugh Hefner is the 9th cousin to former President of the USA, George Bush. He also said to have an IQ of 152 – which is genius.

Bonus Fact: Hugh Hefner is to be buried next to the grave of Marilyn Monroe in Westwood Village Memorial Park, Los Angeles, United States Of America.  He had ‘reserved’ this space for himself 25 years ago for $75,000.

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