Want Your Relationship To Last? Do These 7 Things!

While there is a heavy criticism of modern relationships, not many understand that the biggest issue this generation faces is the issue of ‘trust’. 

The time period of a relationship is reduced from some years to some weeks! Often misguided and lost, most people do not know the meaning of a relationship. Here is our attempt to help you sustain your relationship in the era of break-ups. These are the seven things you should look for:

1. Give each other enough space:

Being together is one thing and sticking, interfering with and surrounding each other is another. If you want a healthy relationship, remember that space is important. You cannot give up who you are and then love the other person. You cannot give up the time you spend with yourself. Discovering yourself is the first key to a healthy relationship and that cannot happen without enough personal space.

2. Trust them and go all the way:

You cannot snoop into your partner’s life. You cannot demand to know every single thing they talk about with the opposite sex. If your ex has broken your trust, don’t expect your future to mend it. Before entering into another relationship work on your trust issues. You cannot doubt people and still love them. Learn to trust. It is like they say, either you will have a great relationship or you will learn a great lesson.

3. Understand that everyone has the freedom to do what they like:

You do not own your partner. You do not allow them for things – they do not have to seek your permission. If they want to meet someone they will. You cannot decide what they would do, whom they would do it with or where they would go. You are a life partner. Not a ringmaster. Freedom and love go hand in hand. Love them for who they are, don’t even try to impost restrictions. Stop being possessive. There is a reason they are with you and not with the other person you are insecure from.

4. They are different than you and you have to understand that:

Understanding includes being a good listener. You need to approachable. If your partner is in trouble, he or she should feel comfortable enough to confide in you. Understand if they do not come out with you, understand if they do not answer their call or chose to meet a friend over you. Understand. When you are hurt by their actions, ask. Don’t accuse. Attempt to understand their reasons for doing something instead of making them feel like they are standing for trial in court.

5. Communication is really the key:

By communication it means a face to face conversation and if that is not possible then on call. Not on chat. The things send on chats can be misunderstood easily. Communicate your fears, insecurities and joys. Make your partner a part of everything that you go through. If you are upset with something they have done, talk to them. Maybe they don’t even realise that their actions are hurting you. Sit down and talk. Over here, do it the old-fashioned way.

6. Spend time doing things you love, learn to be alone:

You cannot sacrifice the time you used to have with yourself when you are in a relationship. If you do so, it will rob you of your individuality and of the time that you spent gathering your thoughts and figuring out what you feel. Encourage your partner to spend some time with himself as well. This will prove extremely healthy in the end.

7. Don’t forget to give surprises:

Over the period of time, a relationship becomes monotonous. It is the same old people – who react in the same old way. Eventually, people get bored of each other and find alternative ways to entertain themselves. How do you beat this? You surprise each other. Surprising each other can be as simple as buying a gift, picking up your partner from work for a dinner date or simply, doing something fun and ‘new’ together. It is the surprises that will prevent the withering away of the relationship.

We hope our five tips on how to sustain a relationship helped!

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

Traveller | Writer | Photographer | Maverick | Social Worker | Lawyer | A freedom-loving woman for whom words are like wings to her soul. She believes in aliens, hates boundaries and lives like the first human on Earth.

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