The Pawsome Show : Rescued Dogs Get Fresh Lease Of Life In Adoption Drive

Pet lovers across Mumbai and Thane came forward to adopt rescued dogs and puppies at a one of its kind pet adoption drive named ‘The Pawsome Show’ which was organized jointly by Viviana Mall, Living Dreamz Events and Pet Owners & Animal Lovers association (PAL).

The show was organised to generate awareness about these pets who are abandoned by their owners once they grow old and the Indian dogs whom our society is ignoring giving preference to international breeds. Many dog rescuers and pet lover’s unfolded emotional stories of dogs rescued; the challenges they have to go through in the society, scarce availability of medical facilities etc.

Few stories hog the lime light but there are few stories that never see the light of the day and when it is of stray dogs or Indian breed dogs they get mostly ignored. The craze of keeping a pet dog at home has increased in India but there has been many concerns in relation with the wellbeing of dogs – be it Indian breeds or an international breed, the puppies when they grow-up are suddenly abandoned by the owners, their struggle to survive on the open streets, dying in road accidents etc. is heart wrenching.

The ‘Pawsome Show’ not only touched the emotions of the thousands of audiences at Viviana Mall but also gave an opportunity to the unsung heroes in our society who pledged to give a better life to these abandoned pets to share their experiences. Many pets were adopted during the adoption drive organized at the event.

Speaking at the event, Ms. Rima Pradhan, Sr. Vice President, Marketing at Viviana Mall said, “It’s a tragic situation that these lovely canines are getting ignored due to paucity of time and facilities. Our campaign is to secure permanent homes for rescued or orphaned shelter animals. We are trying to attempt and bring stories of these rescued dogs in front of the society to generate awareness of how important it is to treat a pet has a member of our family. They are not show pieces whom we use and abandon all of a sudden.”

Similar were the views of Ms. Aditi Nair, Founder, Pet Owners and Animal Lovers association. She said, “We aim to create an animal friendly world so as to ensure the quality of life for animals by bringing together, guiding & training pet owners and animal lovers in better ways of caring for animals. It is great that Viviana Mall has supported our efforts to sensitize the society about this most ignored issue pertaining to pets.”

Mr. Nitinn Divekar, Director at Living Dreamz Events added, “We have been organizing pet events in various cities to promote pet culture and offer platform for various NGO’s to appeal for pet adoptions. We must say the kind of enthusiasm patrons at Viviana Mall has shown is phenomenal. We shall continue with our efforts to increase awareness about pet culture and motivate our society to create a better habitat for pets.”

Even pets from the city had fun with their owners during the pet personality session in ‘The Pawsome Show’. The best was to witness these rescued dogs getting groomed, walking the ramp and enjoying the brunch at the event. All is not done, the message needs to be passed and followed. Viviana Mall is planning to continuously create such events for an animal friendly society.

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