This Round-The-Year Ice Skating Rink At Shimla Is A Tourist’s Perfect Recreation

Shimla might be in the news for all the wrong reasons like water shortage and a bus accident – there is still enough reason to love the summer capital of India. The High Court has asked to not deter the tourists from visiting the city and to not portray it in a bad light. So here is an amazing thing about the place we need to know!

Due to excessive climate change and uncertainty of weather, the natural ice skating rink at Shimla wasn’t exactly a tourist’s delight. But now, an artificial ice skating rink is open in Shimla that is lifting the spirits of the tourists who visit the beautiful mountain city.

Now imagine this. You are travelling to Himachal Pradesh with your better half, family or friends. You fascinating by ice and snow and want to experience an activity that is native to it. What do you? You head to this newly built ice-skating rink in Kufri.

Often tourists are disappointed with lack of snowfall in the city. This offers a beautiful respite from that disappointment.

Shimla | Photo:

The natural ice skating rink was Asia’s largest and the only natural one in India before it was rebuilt. but it could be used for skating only in the winter months. It costs somewhere around ₹3000 to skate here but the experience is worth it.

The cost of building the artificial rink was upwards of ₹9 crore. The Union Tourism and Civil Aviation Ministry funded the project.


As per The Tribune, only a part of the entire skating rink has underground chilling pipes. Also, ‘The rink here happens to be Asia’s oldest natural ice skating rink, set in the year 1920. The credit for setting up the rink goes to an Irish military officer Blessington who during his stay discovered that a bucket left outside in the night froze. This gave him the idea of setting up a natural ice-skating rink.’

Are you planning to head North? This might be a good idea to add to your ‘things to do in Shimla list’.

Preview Photo: The Tribune India

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