Why Salman Khan’s Father Has A Special Soft Corner For Daughter Arpita Khan?

The much acclaimed lyricist, director Salim Khan, father of Salman Khan and Arpita Khan is more attached to his daughter than anyone in the whole house.

It is always said that a daughter is always the ‘Daddy’s girl’ and the son is ‘Mumma’s boy’ but here, there is a heart-warming story behind why she is his favourite.

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Most of the people still do not know that Arpita Khan was adopted by father Salim Khan. Once, Salim Khan during his regular morning walks noticed an ill beggar seeking alms with her young daughter on the footpath. Salim Khan is an emotional person and could not see the sight, so gradually he started getting food for the duo.

One day the screenwriter was on his regular walk and saw that the lady had passed away and the daughter was alone crying. Khan knew that he cannot leave the girl alone on Mumbai’s streets in this condition, so he held the girl’s hand and brought her home.

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Salim Khan asked the girl his name, she replied ‘Arpita’, and then Arpita was introduced in the Khan household.

This is the reason why Salim Khan is so attached to Arpita Khan and her marriage was done so lavishly in a Hyderabad palace.

After the adoption procedure Salim Khan completed the education of Arpita, teaching her how live life independently. According to the reports, when Arpita Khan got married, the Khan family spent a bomb. It is heard that Salim Khan does not like to spend money to show things off but this time things were different.

Arpita Khan loves the royalfolk of Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad and sources say Salman Khan specially gave 2 crore for booking the entire palace for his sister’s wedding.

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Salim Khan even wanted the marriage to take place as per Hindu rituals as the Khans never forced Arpita to change her religion.

This is the reason why Salim Khan is more emotional and affectionate when it comes to daughter Arpita Khan.

Beautiful story isn’t it?

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