Does Saudi Prince Mohammad Bin Salman Own The Most Expensive House?

Saudi Arabia’s 32 year old Mohammad Bin Salman is said to be the owner of the world’s costliest home Chateau Louis XIV near Versailles in Louveciennes in France. The truth isn’t known.

The house was constructed in 3 years between 2008 and 2011 by the developer Emad Khashoggi who seems to be the nephew of the late arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi. Emad the developer brought down the old chateau to construct a new one on this site and building a project like this was his only dream.

2 years back this house was named as the world’s costliest house by the Fortune Magazine. The house comprises of the ‘gold leafed fountain on the entrance of the house’, there is a hedged labyrinth which is set in a 23 hectare landscaped park, marble statues, this property is so technology friendly that anything can be turned on/off by just an iphone and let that device could be anywhere in the world. United States famous Kim Kardashian once wanted this hot property for her own wedding venue with Kanye West.

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There is a trench inside the house which has a sturgeon which is a fish and a koi, all of this is visible from a transparent underwater room.

It is not known that who is the owner of the world’s costliest property, as per the reports, documents, paper trails etc. it is found out that the owner of this lavish house is the Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammad Bin Salman.

Royal Prince purchased this property for a whopping price of $450M through another prince who acted as a delegate, at the auction of the ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’s Salvatore Mundi’ this winter.

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The ownership of the Chateau Louis XIV, is disguised by 8 shell companies in Luxembourg and France, which are owned by 8 investment companies i.e a Saudi Arabia firm which is controlled by the head of a Mohammad Bin Salman’s personal foundation. Advisers of the crown Prince say that the Chateau ultimately belongs to him.

The ‘Eight Investment’ was the same company which backed Mohammad’s transaction for the 134 metre yacht which he purchased from the Russian vodka tycoon in 2015 and also brought recently 250 hectare estate in Conde-Sur-Vesgre, known as the Le Rouvray located an hour’s drive away from Paris.

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Saudi prince is currently making headlines with his bold moves, who has shaken up the whole Middle East by putting his royal cousins, members of the family in a house arrest due to corruption. Prince has changed the laws of the country, he is bringing in the perspective of modern Islam, trying to remove the extremist ideologies in the country. These moves are not welcomed by many people in the world. From 2018, women will be seen driving cars in Saudi Arabia, there will be cinemas in the country from the next year too.

The New York Times has reported that out of all the Arab kings and princes the Saudi Prince has built altogether a different image of himself of a social reformer and concretely believing on fact the he is not corrupt but such hidden things when they come out it is a serious blow to the image of the prince.

What do you think is the truth?

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