Science Says You Are Lucky If You Have A Sister!

Yes, indeed you are lucky if you have a sister. A sister is someone who basically understands you in and out, not just of the fact that she is your sister and she knows you. But she is a female, they tend to understand everyone much faster and deeper. A sister love is something everyone craves for.

Sisters are always there for you no matter what.

According to a report in, Huffington Post, science proves that sisters make you a better person by teaching you things like compassion, empathy while sharpening your interpersonal and communication skills.

A brother and sister bond is a very special and strong, especially in a country like India where the siblings are valued a lot. They are there for each other, take care of each other.

“They help you develop social skills, like communication, compromise and negotiation. “Even sibling conflict, if it is minor, can promote healthy development.” Alex Jensen, assistant professor in the School of Family Life at Brigham Young University and the author of research into sibling relationships told Huffington Post.

Also, a study in the Journal of Family Psychology that was published in 2010 stated that having a sister can boost your mental health and self-esteem.

Yes, this is absolutely true because sisters are someone who will correct you wherever you are wrong. Getting corrected by a loved one is not at all wrong, in fact, it is the best thing because just imagine the people who do not have a sister sibling they would be making so many mistakes. So basically, your sister is your saviour.

A study conducted by British researchers in 2009 stated that those who grew up with atleast one elder sister, were more independent and determined. The co-author of the study, Tony Cassidy of the University of Ulster told The Daily Mail, “It is about that intrinsic desire to want to do better every time, to strive towards goals. It certainly seems there is something about the family situation with the number of girls in it that leads to more encouragement to achieve and be independent.”

This doesn’t mean that your sister should be elder to you, even the younger ones can bring the best out of you if she is just your sister.

So go give her a kiss!

Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

A traveller and journalist who views the world wearing multi-coloured goggles. He believes that life is to live not to survive.

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