Scientists Say There Was Life On Moon!


We have been answering questions about life in the universe, about aliens, whether they have made contact with Earth and more. But a recent revelation by two senior scientists is really surprising. Who thought that there could have been life on the moon?

Two senior planetary researchers have said that the moon could have supported life – simpler forms, four billion years ago! Dirk Schulze-Makuch and Ian Crawford wrote a paper that explains this statement. Schulze-Makuch is an astrobiologist at Washington State University and Crawford is a professor of planetary science and astrobiology at the University of London.

Photo: NASA

They state that the moon, back then, emitted hot gases that formed water vapour. This vapour must have settled on the surface of the Earth’s moon in a form of liquid.  Also, they believe that the moon had a magnetic field that let the life forms survive and safe from solar winds.

“If liquid water and a significant atmosphere were present on the early Moon for long periods of time, we think the lunar surface would have been at least transiently habitable,” they wrote.

“It looks very much like the Moon was habitable at this time. There could have actually been microbes thriving in water pools on the Moon until the surface became dry and dead,” Schulze-Makuch told The Independent.

According to, ‘In 2009 and 2010, an international team of scientists discovered hundreds of millions of metric tons of water ice on the Moon. Additionally, there is strong evidence of a large amount of water in the lunar mantle that is thought to have been deposited very early on in the Moon’s formation.’

The researchers also believe that the life on the moon could have been brought in by the destruction of a meteorite. When we think about Earth, the earliest evidence of life is 3.5-3.8 billion years old in the form of cyanobacteria.

This can bring in a new direction and even give impetus to NASA’s lunar exploration programmes. If we believe that there was life on the moon back then, in line with these scientists’ research, then what happened to the life forms later?

Also, will the same happen to Earth? Question to ponder upon.

Read the complete paper here.

BONUS: Did you know that mankind has left 413,000 lbs of things on the moon? These things are as bizarre as golf balls to things that are necessary like moon buggies, portions of lunar modules for ascent and descent and unmanned space vehicles. Charles Duke of the Apollo 16 mission left a photograph of his family on the moon! (According to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not).

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