Seen This Viral Video Of A Man Living Alone In The Amazon Rainforest For 22 Years?


Time and again, it is proved to us repeatedly how truth is stranger than fiction! When the internet went wild with this viral video of a man seen chopping off a tree in the Amazon Rainforest, it was yet another proof of how strange life can be.

A Brazilian government agency has released the video of a man belonging to an indigenous tribe, who has lived in the forest for 22 years without any contact with the outside world! This agency, called ‘Funai’ states that this ‘indigenous man in the hole’ is the last surviving member of his tribe.

His tribe was wiped out after an attack in 1995.

The Amazon Rainforest | Photo:

“In the 1980s, disorderly colonization, the establishment of farms and illegal logging in Rondonia led to repeated attacks on the isolated Indigenous peoples who had lived there until then, in a constant process of expulsion from their lands and death,” Funai stated.

So since 1995, when six others of his tribe were killed, the man with the moustache has been surviving all alone!

The Funai have attempted to make contact with him but he has not shown any interest. They constantly monitor the man, often leaving tools and seeds that would help him in survival. His land is protected by the Brazilian government.

You can listen to Fiona Watson of Survival International talking about the video with guest host Laura Lynch of As It Happens. She says that the Brazilian government had decided not to invade the man’s land or his way of life but respect it. It is only the government officials who can enter his area as his life is constantly at risk with the cattle ranchers and farmers who live near the area.

Here is the video:

Do you think it was wise to share the video with the world?

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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