Sex : Yes We Are Going To Talk About It With This Short Film Full Of Puns

Khaney Me Kya Hai, Sex

“Sshhhh,” is the reaction most women give when the topic of sex comes up in public. Or they will suddenly become mute.

Wonder why the word ‘Sex’ is a taboo? If this line raised your eyebrows, then this article is specially for you.

Imagine a group of men sitting and talking about sex. Normal? Now imagine a group of women doing the same. Not normal, right? That is the mentality that we need to change. A woman is an equal partner when it comes to sex. It is necessary for her to feel elated as well.

This short film, which is another installment in the ‘Mother &Daughter series’ is  released by ‘Blush & Chotti Production Company’ on YouTube and is a perfect pun. Not only will it make you laugh but it also sends out a strong message across. Don’t brush sex under the rug. Talk about it.

“A daughter back from her honeymoon and a mother stuck in a rut. As the two discuss details of the daughter’s honeymoon over cooking, the invisible moral wall between the two doesn’t allow them to use the word ‘sex’ at all. What ensues, is a delightful dance around the obvious, using only food puns and analogies to describe the great sex the daughter had. However, things take a turn, when the daughter realizes that her mother has never had an orgasm,” says the film’s description.

This film, “Khaney Mein Kya Hai?” starring Ayesha Raza Mishra and Shikha Talsania along with Swachata Guha, is a conversation between a mother and a daughter and a clash of two different mentalities. Watch it. And if you think that the film is too ‘bold’ watch it again until you accept the fact that it is time to change your mindset about sex and look at it in a dignified away. Stop saying, “Ssshhh!”

P.S.: Don’t miss the disclaimer.

Photo: YouTube/Blush

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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