Shahid Kapoor Turned Down These Successful Movies!

Bollywood’s heart-throb ‘Shahid Kapoor’ has turned down so many movies which then later were bagged by other actors, only to become successful movies. The ‘Kaminey’ actor has been back in the limelight after Padmaavat, but we wonder if he regrets turning down the roles.

After 2014, ‘Haider’ which was directed by Vishal Bhardwaj was the game changer for Shahid, or else who knows where his career would be right now.

But in the end it always from the choices we make, we learn:

1) Raanjhana:

Director Anand L. Rai had first approached Shahid for the role which was later bagged by ‘Dhanush’. Unfortunately, the actor turned down the role because the string of romance was not hitting the right chords for him. Movies like ‘Mausam’ and ‘Teri Meri Kahani’ were a disaster at the box office. After the film was out it went on to become a blockbuster for ‘Dhanush’ and Sonam Kapoor.

2) Raajneeti:

This is very unbelievable that Kapoor turned down the role of ‘Samar Pratap’. The role later went to Ranbir Kapoor and the movie was a blockbuster. Shahid’s reason for not doing the role was that there so many big actors due to which his role would be overshadowed, but however we saw that Ranbir acted as the spine of Raajneeti.

3) Rockstar:

We cannot say that Shahid Kapoor rejected the role of ‘Rockstar’ but Imtiaz Ali gave him two films, Jab We Met and Rockstar, to choose from, but everybody knows Kapoor picked the former one opposite, Kareena Kapoor.

4) Rang De Basanti:

Kapoor wholeheartedly regrets not having done ‘Rang De Basanti’. No one till now knows which role was offered to the ‘Padmaavat’ actor, but the rumours suggest that he had been offered ‘Siddharth’s’ role.

Which is your favourite Shahid Kapoor movie?

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  1. It’s such a shame really that such an extremely talented actor , gifted dancer absolutely amazingly good looking , passionate hardworking good artist has lost out for not being pushy enough to make the best films happen for himself and us audiences…. Rang de Basanti ,Rockstar, Ranjhana and more recently Arjun Reddy Hindi remake I would have no doubt he would have done these films full justice and more …

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