She Can’t Walk Or Talk But Still She Saved Her Brother’s Life

Lexie Comeau – Drisdelle, a 9-year-old hero who suffers from cerebral palsy saved the life of her 1-year-old brother Leeland. This lovely act by Lexie has made her a real hero in her hometown of Halifax in Nova Scotia.

Often, we feel that people who are not mobile cannot do much. But this incident will change your perception.

Preparations were on for the celebration party of Lexie’s ninth birthday. Everyone was busy doing their bit for the party, while Lexie’s father had gone to pick up her older brother. Leeland, who found himself free to venture out to the pool, casually did so.

Lexie, Leeland and their mother Kelly Jackson | Photo:

Tempted by the beautiful waters of the pool, Leeland, jumped in. Nobody except Lexie saw that Leeland was in the water and he obviously did not know how to swim. She always looked after her little brother.

Because of her condition, Lexie could not move or speak to help Leeland. Nevertheless, with all her might, Lexia began screaming. Imagine the amount of trouble it would have taken the girl to scream loud enough to catch everyone’s attention.

Lexie’s mom was on the upper floor getting ready for the party and her grandmother was in the kitchen. When her mom heard her screams she thought that Lexie must have fallen off her chair once again and rushed down to help her. Lexie’s grandmother ran towards her and saw that Lexie was pointing towards the pool outside.

“When my mom told me what was going on, I quickly looked out the window and, there, at the edge of the pool, I saw his little head,” Kelly Jackson told Oklahoma’s News 4. “I began to panic, and my mom quickly ran towards him and pulled him out,” she added.

After they brought Leeland inside, they called the emergency number and got Leeland, in a stable condition. Then they took him to the hospital.

“At that moment, it was so scary. We thought it was not going to end well; we hugged him a million times. In two seconds, a life can change – and we are just thankful that Lexie was so quick to alert us,” Jackson said.

Lexie was honoured by Halifax’s regional council and also by the city’s police department.

Lexie’s story is an inspiration to all those who think that their disability will stop them in life. It won’t if you don’t let it. What is a higher service than saving a life?

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