Why There Shouldn’t Be A Tax On Sanitary Pads & Why Twinkle Khanna Is Right

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Twinkle Khanna raised a very important question. Why should sanitary pads be taxed when brooms aren’t? In a tweet that garnered a lot of support, she posted a video where she talks about why menstrual tax should be abolished.

While Mrs. Funny Bones, once again makes a strong statement that is the need of the day, this article is to jolt you out of your comfort zone and into the bloody reality of menstruation. While the government in many countries imposes menstrual tax, the society imposes a mental tax on women. Understanding these points will make you stop!

Using sanitary napkins is not a luxury, it is a necessity!

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Using cloth during the days of menstruation leads to infections of various kinds. Women, in most rural areas and semi-urban areas, still use cloth due to lack of awareness of menstrual hygiene. Only 23% of women in India use sanitary pads or tampons.

The infection that can happen by not following proper hygiene can range from urinary tract infections to cervical cancer. Using cloth – can be fatal in some cases.

It’s time that menstruation should stop being a taboo, stop shushing!

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There is no ‘bad blood’ in periods. It is not a ‘punishment’. It is not ‘a reason for shame’. In fact, women should be given special treatment during their 5-7 menstruation days as it is because of menstruation that the world can reproduce and because during this time, women should get the maximum of rest.

It is supremely strange how women are not allowed to step into temples or other places or worship, not cook or touch anything that the others use. Even today and even in the urban areas, women are treated like untouchables. This is not just disgusting, but also extremely humiliating for every woman.

Not just women, but men too must know exactly what menstruation is. Menstruation is the reason YOU are in this world!

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Unlike sanitary pads commercials that show the blood as blue, menstrual blood is red. The process is scientific and there is nothing impure about it. A class 9 biology textbook will give you all the info about a woman’s reproductive system (while some teachers give this chapter for self-study to avoid embarrassment).

An ovary releases an egg into the uterus, in the absence of a sperm, the egg does not attach to the uterine wall and the wall sheds every month. It is this shedding of the wall that causes a woman to bleed. That is it! A woman goes through a lot of mental trauma as well like Pre-Menstrual Syndrome which makes her irritated and blue. The pain a woman endures before and during her cycle is more than fracturing your limbs!

Wake up.

Preview Photo: blog.unicef.org

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