Somehow This Cat Became The Mayor Of A Town! For Real!


While humans race for the powerful post of the mayor of a town, Stubbs the cat aced and became one and held the post from 1997 until his death in 2017. The story of how he became the honourary mayor of Talkeetna town in Alaska is interesting.

In 1997, Lauri Stec, a manager of a general store named Nagley’s, adopted Stubbs, the kitten without a tail. Soon, Stubbs became known to the entire town and was adored by many. In the same year, when a group of people of the town did not support any of the human candidates for the election, they choose the kitten as a write-in candidate.

Photo:. (AP Photo/Mark Thiessen, File)

However, the National Public Radio disputed this as the tiny town has no real mayor which means there was no election. Despite that, Stubbs’ popularity soared and at least 30-40 tourists came to visit the cat every day. Nagley’s General Store served as Stubbs office until his death on July 21, 2017.  He was 20 years old then.

But the “political career” had to have yet another colour. In 2014, many protestors urged the people in Alaska to write-in Stubbs for the U.S. Senate Race in Alaska. Stubb, the star also featured in a video that criticized both the Democratic and the Republican candidates.


Stubbs’ life was adventurous and far more eventful than many of us. He was attacked by a dog and suffered severe injuries but survived that. He was shot at by teenagers and once fell into the deep fryer of the restaurant. He is spoken of as more human, less cat.

While we cannot completely believe that a cat can be a mayor, Stubbs stood strong against the widespread corruption in politics and was a symbol of a kind. If not in the eyes of the law, in the eyes of the people of Talkeetna, Stubbs was truly a mayor they loved. Strange but true!

Heer Khant
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