Stars Who Are Heroes & Heroines In Reel Life & Real

Famous. Rich. Beautiful.

But celebrities are also human beings, and they’re just as likely to fall prey to diseases as a common man.

Though making a diagnosis of a disorder is always ill-fated, a superstar’s ailment can at times deal a silver lining to others with the illness by serving to raise the consciousness of the ailment and spread awareness about its prevention.

After his famous accident, while shooting an action sequence for Coolie in July 1982, Amitabh Bachchan lost a lot of blood. He was declared medically dead but made an incredible recovery after a couple of months and resumed filming later that year.

He was detected with myasthenia gravis back in 1984 which lead to both physical and mental weakness. He landed in a deep state of depression, even to the extent of jeopardizing his colourful career as a megastar.

However, he proved the reason behind calling him a ‘megastar’ and overcame the odds.

Angelina Jolie after learning that she carried a mutation in the BRCA1 gene which increases a woman’s risk for breast cancer, had undergone a double mastectomy. Researchers dubbed the increase in awareness of the role of genetics in breast cancer “The Angelina Effect.”


The Krrish star Hrithik Roshan acted like a real superhero in 2013 after being treated for a brain clot on July 7th. He underwent exhaustion and had to be winged to Singapore for a cure. But the Indian Sylvester Stallone scrubbed apart the problem like he does the villains in his movies.

King Khan can also be called the ‘King of Surgeries’. Shahrukh Khan had undergone eight surgeries over the span of twenty-five years including his, ankle, knee, ribs, eye, neck, and shoulder. The limelight still drops on Bollywood’s Baadshah for his unresolved uprightness and daring to go on. But the actor indeed owned the situation and fought out of it.


Bollywood’s actress Sonam Kapoor is coming up with her remarkable performance in spite of suffering from the rare type 1 deadly diabetes. She has to take regular prescribed doses of insulin for total control over her blood sugar level with her hectic shoot and travels. She simply doesn’t let diabetes interfere with her passion and goal.


The superstar Salman Khan admitted in 2011 that he has trigeminal neuralgia, an ailment in which there is severe pain in the face and jaw. The ailment is one of the most painful known to mankind. He has had many problems due to his pain but remains to be ‘Dabbang’ and go about his daily life.

Some fights have to be won in real life as well. These were the stars who proved that where there is a will, there is a way! IMMENSE RESPECT!

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