This Mysterious Village Has An Unusually High Number Of Twins – It Is Baffling!


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The Kodinhi village in India’s Kerala state has attracted international attention for having unreasonable number of twin births! Let’s learn more!

Kodinhi which is a small but famous village in Mallapuram district of Kerala has a mysteriously high number of twins born to the women in the village. The village had attracted the attention of an international research team last year who were surprised at the occurrence.

A joint team of researches from various institutions like University of London and Germany, Centre For Cellular and Molecular biology etc. visited the village in October 2016 and collected hair and saliva samples. There are a few other places in the world like Igbo-Ora in Nigeria which too have an unusually high number of twin births.

This village has the highest number of birth rates in the world. It has a population of only 2000 people with 400 pairs of twins as of 2017! As per the statistics, for every 1000 births in the village there are 45 twins whereas for the rest of India there are 4 twins per 1000 births.

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There are many proposed theories to this phenomenon. The villagers say that the abnormally high number of twin births began happening only since 1949.

There are a few speculations as to the cause of this phenomenon. Some say that this is due to the presence of some particles in the air and the water of this village. But this possibility is ruled out when the women who marry outside Kodinhi, also give birth to twins. Some people say that it is genetic.

The curiosity behind the reason for this began in 2006 when two eight standard girls studying in the village’s school noticed that each class in their school had a very large number of twins.

Sometimes the birth of twins skips a generation but the next generation gives birth to twins again. It is mystifying!

The majority of residents in this village are Sunni Muslims and follow the Shafi school of thought.

A few people from the village got together to form The Twins and Kins association that looks after the health concerns of giving birth to twins and about problems related to their education. It is the first such association ever founded in India.

This mystery is not cracked yet – it is still unsolved. Do you have any bright ideas?

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