Strange Things Happen At These 5 Villages In India – It’s Unbelievable!

India is such a country that is rich in heritage because of its villages, different tribes, different cultures and different people. But in these five villages, it is an altogether different story. There are over 7000 villages India and many have their own story to tell.

1) Barwan Kala in Bihar:

Photo: Ranjeet Kumar/The Hindu

There are more than 150 bachelors in the age group of 16 – 80 in this village. Imagine a village where there has not been a baarat and no youth has wed for the past 50 years! It was only in February 2017 that a bride agreed to get married to a youth from the village – after 50 years!  This isolated village located in the Kaimur hills doesn’t have a good infrastructure and is also inaccessible which is becoming one of the major reasons why the brides refuse to find a suitable match in the village.

2) Hiware Bazaar in Maharashtra:


This village lies in the middle of the most drought-prone area of the state – in a state where so many farmers committed suicide due to debts -is unlike others. This village in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra is the ‘village of millionaires’. Out of 235 families residing here, 60 are millionaires! Hiware Bazaar is the richest village in the country and there is no poor farmer. Strange isn’t it?

3) Kodinhi village in Kerala:


What is strange about Kodinhi village? This village marks as the highest twinning rates in the world. Indian mothers rarely give birth to twins, it is a big mystery for the researchers around the globe, due to no scientific reason because this village has a population of just 2500 people out of which 414 were born as twins or triplets. It is known as the ‘twin town’.

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4) Rangdoi in Assam:


In this village the strangest belief has taken place is that to please the ‘God of Rain’, residents of this village conduct the marriage ‘wild frogs’! The wedding takes place in a traditional manner with usual rituals which humans follow, just to please the ‘God of Rain’.

5) Shani Shingnapur village in Maharashtra:


This village is famous among the people residing in this state, as it is highly famous for the temple of Shani Shingnapur. But what is strange about this place is that there is no door to any house – yes, people here sleep without their front door and fearlessly. What is more strange is that there are no locks anywhere, even in a bank! People keep their money and valuables in the open. The people believe that they are being safeguarded by God, so they don’t need to safeguard themselves.

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