Sula Vineyards, most talked about winery of India where wine begins its journey from grapes to your glass is located in Nashik region of Maharashtra and it will surely make you believe that “Where there is no Wine, there is no Love”.

Sula Vineyards was founded by Mr. Rajeev Samant in 1998 and was named after his Mother “Sulabha”. Sula launched its first wine in 2000 but SulaFest became instrumental in spreading its popularity amongst the youth of India and abroad.

SulaFest is an annual two day music festival which offers you music, food, fashion, grape stomping, camping and lots of WINE. Imagine yourself chilling in a picturesque vineyard over the weekend amidst the most amazing crowd, sipping your favourite wine, dancing to the tunes of best DJ, engaged in grape stomping, giving your taste buds international delicacies and having the best time of your youth. Dude, did you just realise that your imagination took you to the right place at the right time?


PHOTOSHOOT: Believe me the place is very picturesque and the way their management has arranged for all those amazing set up of wine bottles, large wine drums, grape stomping larger than life drums, 25 feet long model of SULA WINE bottle etc your cameras will automatically start clicking around and you will realise it later on going through your phone’s gallery that you had become the best poser in this world. So when at Sula Vineyards carry your shades not just to protect yourself from sun but also to capture your best pictures so that you can flaunt them on your social media profiles.



Did you just realise that your shutterbugs have already occupied your 25 % of time? Haha no worries hold on and first book your slot for guided tour and wine tasting. Only guided tour will cost you Rs. 150/- per person while if you include wine tasting along with it then you will have to pay Rs. 400/- per person. This is an amazing tour which brushes your knowledge about wine and sula vineyards. In tasting session, they make you taste variety of wines but believe me the quantity is not enough which compels you to buy a bottle for yourself and your mates.

RESTAURANTS: To satisfy your hunger and your taste buds they have two restaurants Little Italy & Rasa with amazing and colourful ambience and mouth watering food.

SHOPPING:  Remember that “Wine is a bottled poetry”. Don’t forget to carry your poetry with yourself from the exclusive wine shop. Even if you are not a wine lover, the way these wine bottles are exhibited in the shop you will fall in love with them and purchase atleast one for you or your family. They also have a merchandise store to take home along with you the memories of SULA with you in the form of tee shirts, caps, magnets etc.

DECK: This deck is the highlight of SULA which will definitely make you live your fantasy of having the most romantic date of your life with your partner.

With your eyes deeply enrolled in the eyes of your partner, the sun descending in the west, the evening star shining in the sky, the moon waiting to throw its light, beautiful vineyard all around, a romantic piece of music touching your heart and your favourite wine narrating a romantic poetry in your glass.

This is what you can feel on this amazing deck which can become the witness of your most romantic moments of life. And now I am sure by this time you will also believe it “Where there is no Wine, there is no Love”   

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