Take The Train While Travelling On These Super Scenic Routes

Train routes in  India are becoming less preferred these days because people get their flight tickets for cheap by booking in an offer or in advance.  Other people prefer roads, yes roads have become much faster than before and road trips have always been fun.

But the scenery on these train routes just cannot be missed. It will take your breath away for some seconds, you will be lost in the beauty.

These routes should be travelled by trains to remove the misconception from your brain and fill it with beauty:

1) Jammu to Baramulla:

Photo: indiatoday.in

This route does not have a flight. So now what? Road or train, it should be the train without any doubt. Starting from Jammu and then driving up the thrilling ghats of the Baramullah, this route is surrounded by just huge mountains and mountains on all four sides. Indeed, heaven on Earth.

2) Bangalore to Kanyakumari:

Photo: traveltriangle.com

Not many people have heard about this route, but this route has beauty in it because of the sea. This train journey is absolutely worth your time when the blue sea comes before the train reaches its destination. Surreal!

3) Jammu to Udhampur:

Photo: kalasakkaram.com

When the train leaves from Jammu to Udhampur it is built extremely above the ground and the view is worth an experience. To see this breathtaking view just peek out from the train’s window when you reach the bridge overhead river Chenab which is at the height of 359 meters. Stuff of your dreams!

4) Darjeeling Himalayan route:

Photo: siliguritimes.com

When going to Darjeeling from the train, there is just one thing which you will keep on constantly gazing at, it is the ‘Himalayas’. When you look down it is a deep valley and straight are the mountains, and foggy everywhere. Whoa!

5) Rameswaram Rail Route:

Photo: railway-technology.com

Everyone knows this rail route as it is the most famous one in the country. Rameswaram named after Lord Ram, gives you a glimpse of Sri Lanka, as it is very much nearby. This is the best because of only one thing – the bridge. The railway tracks are built on the bridge, and on all four sides, there is just sea and blue water.

Bon voyage!

Preview Photo: travelplanet.in

Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

A traveller and journalist who views the world wearing multi-coloured goggles. He believes that life is to live not to survive.

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