Technology : Where We Are And Where Do We Go?

Technology existed in one or the other way a few decades ago but then skills weren’t that progressive or abundant that we used up the maximum of  our time to interconnect works by means of the technological mechanisms. This article mainly throws light on some of the recent trends which will showcase where technology has reached and up to what extent it has changed human life.

Computer Aided Learning

Computers have made learning possible from almost every corner of the world, without moving an inch. Here we aren’t just talking about online courses but also non-academic learning about society, people and science. There is constant improvement in this field and this kind of learning has also been introduced in traditional institutions of education.

Human-technology interaction in medical field

Application of technology in the medical field could do wonders. For instance, individuals could be neurologically motor-powered and motorised actions can be replicated the with a pointer or robotic limb. Visual analytics which is now essential to monitor the lacking of latest machines, also plays a vital role  as far as improvement of latest machines is concerned. Even some new studies prove that by studying the undercurrents in the rod cells, the slant and haste of finger wave and lead to making humanoid PC interface.

Brain-Computer Interface

BCI is an innovative message scheme that offers an alternate network for straight  conveying posts  from the humanoid mind to CPUs by scrutinizing the mind’s  cerebral actions.  Certain inventions owing  to HCI are EGM (Electronic Gambling Machine) which was improved using RG (Responsible Gambling) tools. Medicinal picture elucidation is poignant from by two-dimensional volumetric imageries, thus varying the mental and perceptual procedures.

To conclude, we have reached from nowhere to everywhere with the birth of the technical and internet era. A person in India can locate everything in the USA! The world is not so big anymore.

So where do we go next? Inter-planet connectivity?

Rishabh Kumar
Rishabh Kumar

A soon to be tech graduate who has a knack of writing and a sack full of dreams.

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