Thanks To Facebook & Good Samaritans This Afghan Woman Can Now Fulfill Her Dream

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With all the chaos surrounding Facebook since the last few days, many have deleted their Facebook accounts, while others have worried about their privacy online. In the middle of all this, this story of an Afghan woman reminds us about the power of the internet.

25-year-old Jahantap Ahmadi dreamt of going to college. The mother of three and married to a man who is not literate, Ahmadi wants a good education.

On March 15, Ahmadi set out to give a university exam with her two-month-old daughter, Khezran in her lap to Daikundi, the provincial capital of Nili in Afghanistan. She walked till her feet were blistered and then sat in the bus with her infant for 10 hours – to make it to the exam venue.

Afghanistan is a country where women still struggle for basic rights, one of it being education. While people from most countries can afford an air-conditioned cab to hop into to get to their exam venues, Ahmadi cannot.

When she reached the exam venue, she sat down on the floor cross-legged and wrote the exam with her baby in her lap. Moved by her determination, a teacher at Nili posted the photo on Facebook which went viral.

Zahra Yagana, who runs an NGO saw the picture on Facebook and wanted to help Ahmadi accomplish her dream. She got her enrolled in a university at Kabul.

Jahantap Ahmadi writing her exam | Photo: AFP

According to The Associated Press, ‘Yagana went to the government and recruited Farkhunda Zahra Naderi, a senior adviser to President Ashraf Ghani, as well as Sarwar Danish, a vice president. Naderi is paying Jahantap’s university tuition and Danish will pay the rent on the family’s home in Kabul.’

Ahmadi’s husband is proud of his wife, according to the same report. That is also something that is rarely seen in Afghanistan.

Ahmadi also taught children in an open-field before she took her exams in March.

In an interview in Kabul with The Associated Press, she said, “I wanted to get my education, so I could help my village, change my village. I want to help my society. But first I wanted it for my children, so one day they could be educated.”

It is inspiring how Ahmadi is determined towards her dream that is rare in her country, and not so valued where it’s abundant.

She told AFP, “I want to work outside the house. I want to become a doctor, someone who serves women in my community or society.”

An online GoFundMe campaign is also live to help her with her education, started by Afghan Youth Association.

Heer Khant
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