The Contribution Of These Families To The Hindi Film Industry Is Massive

There are so many clans and families in the Bollywood industry who are responsible for the industry’s growth and improvement although not single-handedly. These families have given so many movies and are yet giving one after another. These families are bringing in new talents, growing the existing talent and making sure that their time is never over in the industry.

For eras now, they have been here. These families have largely contributed in Bollywood:

1) The Kapoor family:


It all began with Prithviraj Kapoor and then went on to Raj Kapoor, who was the sole showman of the family during its start. Being a producer, director and also a successful actor, he has his own banner, RK films. The ‘Kapoor’ family is too big and it is not possible to avoid movies of these current talented actors from the family who are taking the legacy ahead. Till now ‘Kapoors’ have given 497 movies to the industry and strive harder than ever before to give more.

2) The Bhatts:

Together counting on Mahesh Bhatt as a director and Mukesh Bhatt as a producer, also the super talented daughters of the director, ‘Pooja Bhatt’, ‘Alia Bhatt’ and actor ‘Emraan Hashmi’ who is their first cousin, everyone has given ‘390’ films which are simply a lot. The ‘Bhatts’ have given extraordinary movies to the industry which has in return evolved the cinema from within.

3) The Azmi’s, Irani’s and the Akhtar’s:


This consists of the three families, Javed Akhtar who is a writer, lyricist for many years. His first wife ‘Honey Irani’ who brought the Irani family in acting and his second wife ‘Shabana Azmi’ whose family including her are in acting. It seems as if leaving Javed Akhtar aside since he is multi-talented everyone from all the three clans is into acting and directing. The trio has made a contribution of ‘358’ movies till now and we are counting more.

4) Bachchan family:


Starting from the legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan and his wife Jaya Bachchan who have given impeccable movies to us since the 1970’s, now Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan are to part of the Bachchan family. All 4 of them have given us ‘323’ films and there are many more to add up as none of them has left acting yet.

5) The Roshans:


Rakesh Roshan and Feroz Khan were related as Feroz Khan was Suzanne Khan’s uncle and Suzanne was Hrithik Roshan’s ex-wife. Feroz Khan was the father of Fardeen Khan who si married to actress Mumtaz’s daughter The children of both the families possess talent which has made the, delivered ‘242’ movies till now. The number is surely going to go up as ‘Hrithik Roshan’ has many movies in line right now and father Rakesh Roshan is busy in writing a script for the fourth instalment of the ‘Krrish’ series.

6) The Khans:


There are many ‘Khans’ in the industry who are ruling it completely, but this is just about the big Khan family, Salim Khan’s. He is an established writer with his former partner, Javed Akhtar. Salim Khan’s whole family has been a part of acting, and Salman Khan currently is the most consistent and sensational actor till now. We are sure that their number stands at ‘207’ films, Salman is going to take it up.

7) The Mukherjee family:


The ‘Mukherjee’ family is immensely talented. Their era is not over but rather we can say is that talents like Kajol and Ayan Mukherjee are taking the legacy of the family forward. Till now the ‘Mukherjee’ family has given us ‘202’ films and we are sure that they will be giving more because of the younger generation. Ayan Mukherjee is the first cousin of Kajol and the second cousin of Rani Mukerji.

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