The Love Story Of Shah Rukh Khan’s Parents Is Really Interesting!

There are instances in life which change everything. If this one incident would not have happened, Shah Rukh Khan wouldn’t have been born.

The story starts like this :

A 29-year-old man Taj Mohammed Khan was talking a morning walk along with his cousin at India Gate, New Delhi. Suddenly what they see is not something normal. They see that a car crashed and turned upside down. Taj Mohammed with the help of his cousin pulled out the passengers. The intensity of the crash was so bad that there was a lot of blood loss. Inside the car there were 3 girls and their father. Out of which one girl was injured very badly and she needed a blood transfusion. When every one of them reached the hospital, blood samples of all the presenters there was collected.

The young woman’s blood type matched only with Taj Mohammed, this is fate. He donated blood and saved her life. After some time the young woman had lots of difficulty in recollecting the events of her life this was mainly because of the blood loss. The young woman’s father had insisted on Taj Mohammed to go and look after her daughter if something would work out in improving the memory.

Shah Rukh Khan with his parents | Photo:

Taj developed feelings for the young woman. The father of the 3 young women asked Taj to marry one of his daughters. Taj chose the lady whom he had donated blood to.

The big hurdle comes now is that the young woman was already engaged at that time! Taj did not leave from the situation but rather won everyone’s hearts and soon the family agreed upon their marriage.

Taj Mohammed and the young woman, who was Lateef Fatima Khan got married. Few years after their marriage they gave birth to the ‘King of the Bollywood’ industry, Shahrukh Khan.

Very few of the actor’s fans know about the story of how his parents met, how choices made all the decisions, and fate played an important role.

Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

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