These Two Symbols Of Nature Are What You Need To Decode For Motivation

Death is not necessarily the time when you breathe your last. Death is when your soul stops brimming with life while you are still alive. What do we do then to rise back from ashes?

It is very easy to say that the show must go on. A lot of our friends and family would tell us not to worry and that everything will be fine soon. But deep down inside, only you can hear the sound of your dream crashing and the pain that causes your entire being to collapse along with the dream. We have all been there. So what do we do?

When everything seems dark, just one small ray of light is enough. And inspiration always works as the ray of light. An inspired, motivated person shines with energy, with life. So today, we are going to take inspiration from two forms of nature – The Phoenix and The False Rose of Jericho.

The Phoenix | Photo:

The Phoenix is a mythological bird that is known to rise from its own ashes. In Greek mythology, The Phoenix is a legendary creature that is reborn from its ashes. It is often portrayed as being connected with The Sun (just like us). Some sources say that the Phoenix dies in a bright show of flames, it burns. And then a new bird is born from the ashes of its predecessor. It is magical, it is powerful, it is legendary! Doesn’t all this sound extremely familiar?

We are living creatures like the Phoenix. Sometimes during painful episodes of our lives, we die within. We lose the will to live or to do anything that we loved doing before. That is when we must act like a Phoenix. It is necessary to burn and die, in order to resurrect. If you didn’t take fresh starts multiple times in your life, it would almost be like not living at all. It is like they say when you emerge at the end of a storm you are always stronger than what you were when you went in. So rise from your ashes like a Phoenix – it is possible and it is life.

Now let’s talk about The False Rose of Jericho. This plant is also known as the resurrection plant. It would look like a brown plant with tangled roots and you wouldn’t even notice it passing it off as dry and dead. It stays dead until it gets some moisture. As soon as a little water is given to it, it will bloom and come back to life. This plant belongs to the Chihuahuan desert (in US and Mexico) and is a spikemoss.

The False Rose Of Jericho | Photo:

Never have we seen a dry plant come back to life because that is something that we don’t see happening around us. But just because we don’t see it, it doesn’t mean it cannot happen! What works as moisture for the False Rose of Jericho, works as love for us. Give a little bit of love to yourself and see how you come back to life when that seemed impossible!

This article is written in the hope of telling you, that to die, is not the end of life. As long as you are still breathing, miracles happen. You can jump back to life with just a little bit of love and inspiration. And here is love to you and this article is an inspiration!

Happy Birthday – your birthday can be whenever you decide it to be!

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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