The Traffic Jams & The Never-Ending Queue Of Woes: Aren’t We Responsible?


(Prateek Tosniwal)

Observing the traffic sense of Indians I can surely say that we’re lagging behind a lot in the way we drive and the way we follow the traffic rules.

First, I thought that the issue of traffic jams exists only in the city of Surat. But after my recent visit to multiple cities in the northern and western parts of India, I can say that the root cause lies in the perspective and the mindsets of the people living in the city. Maybe I am overthinking, maybe I am overseeing and maybe I too am not following the rules always, but I am surely wondering that if the traffic jams continue this way then we all are likely to lose a lot of people in accidents and we are likely to waste a lot of time.

The traffic police and the government cannot do everything and cannot be blamed for everything happening around the country. It is our mindset and our actions which are blameworthy. Seeing wrong-side driving, driving without seatbelts and helmets, breaking of traffic rules/signals, people jaywalking, racing the cars/bikes, unnecessary honking or any other reason are all our doings and not of the traffic police or the government. If they end up implementing some harsh rules they should not be blamed.

I won’t say they perform their duties 100% correctly but they do take steps to improve the situation and what we do is simply ignore or keep doing the same things again, irrelevant of the fines/penalties we pay because we don’t want to change at all. I myself would have erred and would have paid the fines but I did try to improve, however, my family tells me ‘tum samajhte kyun nahi ho, tumko iss city ke hisaab se chalna padega’. I on the other hand always feel that we are Indians first and then a resident of any city. I am sorry for my mistakes but I am not sorry for trying to make a change.

Every day I see people talking on mobile phones, every day I see people opening  the door and spitting on the roads, every day I see the public transport drivers and bike riders driving as if they own the roads and then if something happens the roads are to be blamed, the government has to be blamed, the other person who was a part of the accident has to be blamed and everyone else apart from the people themselves has to be blamed. I mean, grow up, please, grow up. Learn to improve yourself and accept that it is your mistake or may be just improve if not accept the mistake. Stop playing blame games and do the basics right, I am sure it will make a huge difference.

Time to grow individually which is actually growing the country!

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