The Vanity Vans Of These Bollywood Actors Will Make You Go “Wow!”


Vanity vans are the most comfortable mode of transport our Bollywood artists use all the time. Since the actors are on the constant move they have their clothes, makeup, each and every amenity in this van.

Many times these artists also meet their clients and associates in this vanity van which is more of a house. Inside their vans, they have a well-equipped gym, beautiful bars, cosy restrooms, arrangement for entertainment, and more essential things where they can spend more than a day in this thing without any problem.

Hrithik Roshan:


He is fond of his van which is one of the costliest in the Bollywood industry designed by famous designer, Dilip Chhabria. The theme of his vanity van is many years ahead, because the actor is fond of technologies. When you enter the van you’ll feel you are ahead in the future. The interior of Roshan’s vanity van’s glass is in black and white colours, along with wooden interiors. The van is 12 meters long. The inside of the van is blue in colour which gives you a good vibe anytime you enter. There is a big lounge, a restroom and a huge bathroom.

Sanjay Dutt:


Sanjay Dutt has a 12 meter long Volvo B7R which costs around Rs 3 crore. Dutt has a gaming console in his vanity van, along with two 52 inch screens of audio-video facilities. There is a big bar inside the van. The theme of the van has been inspired from ‘AirForce 1’ – the US President’s aircraft, which has all essentials like gaming, lounge, detachable computers, and central power.

Shahrukh Khan:


His van is one of the most expensive and luxurious vanity vans in India which is also designed by Dilip Chabbria. His 14 meter long Volvo 9 BR is made of a new concept, of a Hydraulic system which pushes out the living space to double the floor space when the vehicle is in stationary motion. Inside the vanity van, there is a restroom, workspace, gym, big bedroom, gaming station, living space and entertainment system.

According to a report in Book My Show, a spokesperson said, “We have fitted the van with all the latest gadgets and technological items which make it the only vanity van in India to have all these things. Many functions inside are I-Pad controlled including curtains and illuminations.”

Alia Bhatt:


This is one the simplest vanity vans. When you enter inside all you feel is colourful and happy seeing the things. Bhatt is tech-friendly so the vanity van has that sort of things. When you enter inside you will see many different kind of cushions at the place of sitting or sleeping. There is an arm chair and a sofa inside the van. Quotes are written on the AC which continue down on the wall. Alia Bhatt has made this van her home.

Salman Khan:


He has one of the most stylish vanity vans, designed by DC. The purpose of the van is to provide Salman with every kind of comfort. Inside the van, there is a spacious rehearsal room just to do rehearsals, to do prep for his scenes. There is also a huge portrait of Salman Khan himself inside the Vanity Van. There is a special room in the vanity van from where his cars can come in and out along with the help of a portable ramp.

Which one out of these five is your favourite?

Samyak Sheth
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