The World’s First Erotic Themed Park That Never Happened

There are theme parks which are of different themes but this is probably the very first we have ever encountered – the theme park which is made on the theme of ‘erotica’. The plans for this theme park were elaborate and a lot of hype was created over it. But it was all for nothing.

Erotikaland located in Piracicaba, Brazil had been under construction for many years and was set to open this year. There were plans for games and rides like ‘sex playground’ which were going to be thrilling and visually shocking for the visitors.

Erotikaland would have cost $22.4 million according to the New York Times.

Many people of Brazil and different countries of the world were excitingly looking forward to this theme park which is referred as the ‘Disneyland for Adults’. That was not to be.

There were plans for a different ride in this theme park which had a cinema with the vibrating seats and is curiously named ‘Train of Pleasure’.

There were other plans too at the theme park, like a nude swimming pool and a sex shop, but again all this was of no use. Even though the park had expressly banned sexual activity, they had made arrangements for a love motel nearby.


The basic fundamental of this park was filled with light humour aimed at entertaining the visitors and promote a very healthy and energetic attitude towards sex and nudity.

But all this is not happening! The plans for Erotikaland were scrapped due to the recession in Brazil, according to the Daily Star Online. The park had faced some opposition as people in high places didn’t want Brazil to be known as the sex capital.

Would you have visited this interesting place?

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Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

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