These 10 Secret Societies Are Mysteriously Interesting – Have You Heard Of Them?

Every curious mind has heard of the secret society called ‘The Illuminati’ – we find mention of it in various movies and books as well. The Illuminati is one of the most famous secret societies, whose existence is not proved but it continues to be a source of mystery for many. It was known to be a society of bright and intelligent individuals who had great influence over the affairs of the world.

A secret society is an organisation whose members are sworn to secrecy about their activities.

Other than The Illuminati, there are many secret societies, whose existence has been proven and some even continue to exist until today!

1. A secret society called, “Skull and Bones” that conspiracy theories state, “controls the world” has some of the most powerful men as its members including ex-US Presidents, publishers of famous magazines and secret agents among others.

2. “Thule Secret Society” which at a point was believed to have created Nazi UFOs powered by a mysterious substance called “Bovril,” had Adolf Hitler as its member.

3. “The Order of the Dolphin” was a secret society that aimed to communicate with the extraterrestrials. Carl Sagan was a member of it.

4. “Cicada 3301” is a mysterious secret society that posts difficult puzzles on the internet to recruit highly intelligent individuals. Their purpose for doing so is unknown but many suspect that they recruit for various spy agencies.

5. “The Order of the Occult Hand” is a secret society of journalists whose only goal is to slip the meaningless phrase, “It was as if an occult hand had…” past the editors and into published articles as an inside joke. When they were exposed, they changed the phrase.

6. Cecil Rhodes, the man after whom the “Rhodes Scholarship” is named, set up a secret society called “The Secret Society” to bring the entire world under British rule.

7. A currently active secret society in Africa named “Ekpe” after a mysterious spirit that lives in the jungles has its own secret ideographic script, called “Nsibidi.”

8. There is a secret society called “The Order of the Pug” where novices are initiated by wearing a dog collar and scratching at the door. It was formed as a reaction to the ban on Roman Catholics becoming Freemasons.

9. A secret society named “The Sons of Lee Marvin” has only one requirement for members to qualify. They must look like the actor Lee Marvin. Famous actors and musicians are a part of it.

10. In 1897, there was a secret society of homosexuals named “Order of Chaeronea”, started by poet George Ives for an “underground means of communication” as they were not openly accepted in the society then.

How many of these secret societies did you know about?

Heer Khant
Heer Khant

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