These Actors Dropped Out Of College To Pursue Their Careers In Films


Back then the value of a degree was not considered as high as it is now. One thing is for sure that the level of education has increased in India. But in Bollywood, no one asks what have you studied and from where. You don’t need a degree to make a career and earn money in the industry.

These celebrities dropped out of their college for a career in the Bollywood industry:

1) Deepika Padukone:


When she was young she had an option of following the footsteps of her father but instead, she went into the modeling world. She wanted to become an actress from the very first day. Padukone even dropped out of the ‘Indira Gandhi National Open University’ because it was clashing with her schedule. Currently, she is one of the highest paid actresses in India.

2) Aamir Khan:


The ‘3 Idiots’ actor listened to his heart and dropped out of the ‘Narsee Monjee College’ after completing ‘HSC’. Khan altogether went in the world of films and he was firm he wanted to act, so he joined as an Assistant Director with his uncle, and director Nasir Hussain. From then onwards, Mr. Perfectionist has never looked back.

3) Akshay Kumar:


The Bollywood industry’s ‘Khiladi’ is a drop out of the ‘Guru Nanak Khalsa College’. Then the ‘Airlift’ actor went to Bangkok where he learned martial arts, and also was a chef. No one knows what happened but when came to India, got his first film and from then there is no stopping, the actor kept on rising.

4) Priyanka Chopra:


One of the most influential actresses in the world, Priyanka Chopra, everyone knows her. Chopra has done remarkable work in the industry and also in Hollywood. When the actress was studying in college, she had her eye on acting and after winning the title of ‘Miss World’ she just immersed in it.

5) Kangana Ranaut:


Does anyone know that ‘Queen’ actress Kangana Ranaut wanted to become a doctor? This decision changed after she scored low marks and started her career towards modeling. From then onwards she is regarded as a highly talented actress in the industry.

Would you ever drop out of college to pursue your dream?

Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

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