These Celebrities Are Obsessed With Many Things, Salman Is Obsessed With…

In the Bollywood industry, many celebrities have shown courage by coming forward and speaking about their various anxiety issues which they face in a normal life like us.

In front of the camera it is altogether a different thing but in reality, OCD is a very common thing. Let me tell you something about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)’ – people think of this as something very major or drastic but it is a thought or a habit of something that one keeps doing repeatedly.

These are the celebrities who are going through some or the other kind of  OCD:

1) Kareena Kapoor:


This actress introduced the zero figure in the Bollywood industry and she is obsessed with her body size. She goes to the gym to keep herself fit and maintained. At the time of pregnancy people must have noticed she has put on some kilos, but now due to strict workout, she is back to normal.


2) Sunny Leone:


Sunny is obsessed with cleaning her feet’s constantly. Her feet keep on getting dirty while shooting and the actress keeps on washing and cleaning it every now and then. Allegedly, during the shooting of ‘Jism 2’, she kept on washing her feet a lot of times.

3) Ayushmann Khurrana:


The ‘Vicky Donor’ actor is extremely particular about his hygiene. The actor washes his hands repeatedly and is very careful about keeping the dust out of hands and nails. The actor is obsessed with his dental health; Khurrana brushes his teeth 3-4 times daily. He always carries his dental kit along with him wherever he goes.

4) Ranveer Singh:


Actor Ranveer Singh’s beau Deepika Padukone shared about the actor’s extreme OCD level, he uses excessive deodorants, cologne and hand sanitizers. The actor reportedly empties the whole bottle of deodorants, half bottle of cologne and sanitizers before and after the shoot.

5) Salman Khan:


‘Bhaijaan’ has the infatuation for all different kinds of ‘soaps’. He collects soaps from all over the world. Right from the normal, herbal to designer-made, he has a unique collection. The best smelling man can give the credit to the wonder of the soaps.


Do you also have OCD? Speak up about it.

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