These Hollywood Movies Will Make You Wanderlust Irresistibly


Movies for a long time are an unavoidable temptation to travel. Travel grows us as a person and opens us up to different experiences. Not all movies are realistic but if you can save up and get going, travel does the work of a medicine. It soothes your mind and heart.

After watching these Hollywood movies you will want to travel to the mesmerising locations shown in the movie.

Are you ready?

Thelma and Louise:

The movie is about these two girlfriends who are fed up with their boring life. Everybody knows what will happen in the end but the way it is shown, it is captivating. The girls decide to go on an adventure road trip on a classic ‘66’ Bullet Thunderbird. There are breathtaking locations of the USA, it is filmed in California which is not just a big city, there is Colorado which is surrounded by the deserts and the last one is Utah which has majestic temples, lake and a lot more.

California | Photo:

Casino Royale:

James Bond movies are known for its locations. Each and every time in the Bond movie there is a different place. Casino Royale is one of them, the filming took place in Italy, from where the crew went to England, Czech Republic and also the Bahamas islands. The casino from where the story is going forward in the movie takes place in Montenegro.


Seven Years in Tibet:

Brad Pitt’s one of the best performances till now. The film Seven Years in Tibet has captivating locations which will blow your mind. There are some scenes in the movie which have been shot in the beautiful Tibet. Argentina and Chile have been shown in the movie and then there is Europe’s Austria and England. The movie is about Pitt who plays the role of an Australian explorer, who befriended the Monk Dalai Lama, at the time when China was invading Tibet.

Tibet | Photo:

Watch these films and tell us the first place you feel like visiting!

Samyak Sheth
Samyak Sheth

A traveller and journalist who views the world wearing multi-coloured goggles. He believes that life is to live not to survive.

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