Things Might Be Different Than What They Seem

When it seems good, it might not be good & when it seems bad, it might not be bad.

Vishal Ahire, a young guy from Thane, Maharashtra was about to join his family on the trip to his native place on 2nd January 2014.  But he had to cancel the trip because he was called for an interview on the same day.

His family decided to carry on with the journey. They reached the bus stop.  They were late by 15 minutes.  But, fortunately, they got the bus as the bus was late on that day.

The bus stopped for a 20 minutes halt at Tokavade, 100 kilometres from Mumbai. Passengers got off the bus to freshen up. Amongst them, there were 4 passengers who also got off. They were sipping their tea when the bus drove away, leaving them behind. They screamed and ran to the bus but they failed. Their baggage also was in the bus.

They abused the bus conductor and bus driver with coarse words. They all started to argue with each-other that because of a cup of tea they missed the bus.

In Mumbai, Vishal was feeling bad because he wanted to go with his family but he couldn’t. Vishal’s family was happy because they got the bus in spite of reaching late to the bus stop.

All 4 passengers who missed their bus because of tea were angry.

But, what happened next was totally unpredictable, Vishal, his family and all 4 passengers would never have even thought of.  That bus met with an accident and tumbled down in the Malshej valley from a height of 400 feet. All the 27 passengers including Vishal’s family died in the accident!

Although Vishal lost his family, he could save his life. Those four passengers later felt lucky for not being on the bus as their lives were saved! The same thing that made them enraged before, made them feel relieved now.

Aashu Patel
Aashu Patel

Aashu Patel is a writer, who has written on a variety of genres ranging from crime to inspirational. 40 books written by him are published. He has worked as an editor of many leading newspapers. He has written many novels. Well-known film director Tigmanshu Dhulia is making a Hindi film based on his English novel 'Madam X'.

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