This Artist’s Illustrations Are A Perfect Mix Of Reality & Surreality

Art – what would the world do without it?

Pablo Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Some do remain, artists, even after they grow up and brilliant ones. One such artist is Lipika, who goes by the name of ‘Creativewali’.

Once a law student and now an illustrator by day and a dreamy doodler by night, she has been a part of various art projects. One even took her to Vietnam. She was also a part of the painting of Asalpha village in Mumbai.

She is also a chai-lover, who has brought out the fantasy in our mundane reality.

We rarely appreciate Indian artists and go gaga over the international ones. This article is a beginning to value India’s budding artists.

Recently, she worked on a series that is a beautiful depiction of her travel bucket list. She often clicks photographs on her Canon and adds a touch of fantasy in them. Have a look:

The Travel Bucket List Series:

G: Grand Canyon, United States. . . I decided to work on a personal travel bucket list series for this year. I enjoyed doing research for this way too much *may have procrastinated on some freelance work for it too* On the way I came across some amazing new places I decided to add to the list. Conclusion our planet is just an incredible place! And guys do let me know what has been the most exciting place you have visited! May just end up illustrating some of them too☺🦋 . . P.S: Well quite late to the game but trying to catch up🙈 . #36daysoftype #36days_G #typography #typographydesign #grandcanyon #travel #wanderlust #bucketlist #buzzfeed #typographydesign #design #travelblog #adobe #designmilk #design #fortheloveoftravel #typetopia #dailytype #illustration #graphicdesign #theydrawandtravel

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Here is a look at some of her other works on her Instagram handle:

Page 1: The Story of Petals. As she plucked the petals away hoping it would end with a ‘He loves you’, she slowly realised that all she needed was to love herself. . . . It’s been a while but here’s the first page of a tiny little series exploring the emotions of unrequited love. Just an observation around and I felt most people have gone through it and even though it feels like the worst thing when you put yourself out there, everyone eventually moves on and finds themselves in the process. This is the first time I’m trying out my hand with a slightly comic style page layout to showcase the visual emotions and would love to know if you guys liked this style. Also after a couple rough months, it’s good to be back here🦋🦋 . #comic #comicpage #page #visuals #poetry #poem #instaart #art #illustration #instaillustrate #illustree #doodle #flowers #petals #words #zine #design #deep #love #journalpage #journal #watercolour #brushes #digital

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Photos: creativewali/Instagram

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