This Costume Designer Mended A Butterfly’s Wings & Helped It Fly Again

The world is full of beautiful surprises. Sometimes we humans use our intelligence to help other creatures live a better life. One such person is costume designer Romy McCloskey from Texas.

Have you ever wondered how a butterfly would feel if it was stuck on the ground and cannot fly? This happened to a beautiful little butterfly who presented itself to McCloskey. Its wings were torn and it had trouble flying. In her Facebook post, the designer says that the butterfly was born that way. She also says, “I fell into raising and releasing butterflies by accident, really, after finding 2 or 3 caterpillars on a bush on a Milkweed plant in my yard, this October.”

She further says, ” I had no idea what to do, other than to keep them in a glass tank and feed them and wait. Little did I know there was much more involved. So, I read up on them, as much as I could, joined a great group and experienced many losses in addition to many, many more successes.”

McCloskey used her skills to mend the butterfly’s wings. A friend had sent her a video on how to mend the wings of a butterfly. Using that as a reference she got to work. And her efforts were successful – the buttery did fly.

“I had lost a girl butterfly a few days ago. My heart broke because I thought she hadn’t gotten to fulfill her purpose in this world because she hadn’t gotten to fly outside. Funny how life shows you there’s a plan for everything~ She has given a wonderful gift of flight to this little guy and gotten her chance to fly outside too!” she wrote.

How did she do it? Her tools were a towel, scissors, tweezers, talc, contact cement, toothpick and the wings of a butterfly that had died a week ago.

Her equipment:

The mended wings:

The butterfly flies:

Here is her full post:

Preview Photo: Romy McCloskey/Facebook

Heer Khant
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